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Arpan Sharma World’s Highest Memory Power Memory King of World 2015

Arpan Sharma achieved the title of “Longest sequence of objects memorized in one minute” on 26 September 2015. He is also called memory king of the world of 2015 and also memory king of Nepal in 2015.

After it, he was preparing for the bigger title than he kept in 2015. Now back in 2021, he has tried to break his opponent’s record as well as his own record of 2015, memorizing 83 words successfully in a minute.

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Holder Country Words Year Records
Arpan Sharma Jhapa, Nepal 42 26 September 2015 Guinness Book of World Records


Arpan Sharma is the memory king of the world in 2015. He has kept a record of 42  objects in one minute.

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The program was organized by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2015. He is from Jhapa, Nepal. He won the world record title “Memory King of world 2015 ”.

Memory King 2015
Memory King 2015

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