Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering in Nepal

Biomedical Engineering in Nepal is a bachelor’s degree program for biomedical study in Nepal. The college for biomedical Engineering in Nepal is the College of Biomedical Engineering and Applied Sciences (CBEAS) for exclusive courses on Biomedical Engineering. College of Biomedical Engineering and Applied Sciences is the only Biomedical Engineering College in Nepal. It is located in  Kathmandu Valley and the only affiliated college in Nepal to receive a certificate of Institutional Accreditation from the University Grants Commission (UGC Nepal). It is affiliated with the Purbanchal University of Nepal. College of Biomedical Engineering & Applied Sciences (CBEAS)is also registered in Nepal Engineering Council.


Ashok Nath
Ashok Nath is a content creator in and he is pursuing Bachelor's Degree In Computer Engineering From Nepal College Of Information Technology (NCIT) Pokhara University Nepal. He like to write tips and tutorials on different kinds of difficulties that people would face on thier way to success.

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