Seats for B.E. in Far-Western University (FWU/FU)

Far Western University is another university among the five top universities in Nepal. Far Western University serves different education programs on different faculties. It offers both bachelor and master level programs.

The main attractive bachelor’s programs conducted here are Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science(BSc), Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technology, BSc Environment science, BSc Agriculture, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS), Bachelor of Education and many other.

Far Western University School of Engineering is one of the affiliated colleges of Far Western University. It is located in Mahendranagar (city), Kanchanpur (district), Mahakali (zone), Province-7, Nepal.
The bachelor of engineering (B.E.) faculty has a 4-year academic program for different engineering programs.

Faculty of Engineering in Far-Western University

Far-western University has started its Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at the School of Engineering from the academic session 2014. The School of Engineering of Far-western University is now established as a Faculty of Engineering. It aims to promote quality technical education and produce competent technical manpower for the national and international market.

In addition, technical education at the Faculty of Engineering would help to foster the socio-economic development of the Far-Western region and the nation. With its aim to become the nation’s leading engineering school, it will also start master’s and doctoral degrees soon.

Seats in Bachelor Level Engineering Programs:

1) Bachelor of Civil Engineering: 4 Year Academic Program

2) Bachelor of Computer Engineering: 4 Year Academic Program

3) Bachelor of Architecture: 5 Year Academic Program. It is currently proposed by the university and soon will open admission for this program too.

The total number of seats in the Bachelor of Engineering program is 48 seats in Civil Engineering and 48 seats in Computer engineering. Till now only two programs are running under the faculty of engineering. The bachelor of Architecture has been proposed for the future based on a 5-year program.

Engineering Programs in FU Seats in FU
Civil Engineering (SCHOLARSHIP)                                 24
Civil Engineering (FULL-FEE)                                 24
Computer Engineering (SCHOLARSHIP)                                24
Computer Engineering (FULL-FEE)                                24
Architecture Engineering (SCHOLARSHIP)                                 —
Architecture Engineering (FULL-FEE)                                 —

Scholarships and Quota Seats in Far-Western University:

Focusing on equal access to education, the Faculty of Engineering has been offering scholarships to 24 out of 48 in each program. Students under different categories like

  • Merit-based scholarship: This scholarship is provided for the students securing top/highest rank in the entrance examination. It is merit-based and 7 students of the open category are selected.
  • District wise scholarship: This scholarship is for the students residing in 9 different districts of the Far-Western Development Region. The nine districts are:
      1. Darchula
      2. Baitadi
      3. Dadeldhura
      4. Kanchanpur
      5. Achham
      6. Bajhang
      7. Bajura
      8. Doti and
      9. Kailali.
  • Inclusive(Samabesi) Quota: The scholarship is provided to the students belonging to Handicapped(Apanga), Female(Mahila), Backward/rural region, Indigenous community(Aadibasi/Janjaati), Madhesi and Dalit community.
  • For Teachers/Staffs: Includes provision of scholarship to children of permanent and retired teachers and staff of FWU.
Scholarship Criteria in FU Scholarship and Quota Seats available in FU

7 (Includes 1 female student with the highest rank ) 


District Quota 9 ( 1 student each from 9 districts of FWDR )
Teachers/Staffs Quota 2
Samabesi Quota 2 ( Apanga )
1 ( Mahila )
1 ( Backward/rural Area )
1 ( Aadibasi/Janjaati )
1 ( Dalit Community )

There may be more students deserving the quota and seats than allocated. But based on their ranks they secured, they are admitted.

The Faculty of Engineering aims to provide the best teaching-learning environment through experienced faculties and well-equipped laboratories and libraries. With its highly competitive teaching staff, students will get greater exposure to both professional and academic knowledge in the diverse field of engineering.

Address of FWU

The detailed address to contact FWU are highlighted below for your further information.
Address: Far-Western University (office), Mahendranagar (city), Kanchanpur-10400 (district), Mahakali (zone), Province-7, Nepal
Phone: +97799520729, 099520296
Email: [email protected]
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Tapendra Pandey
Tapendra Pandey
Tapendra Pandey is a content creator at and he is pursuing Bachelor's Degree In Computer Engineering From Institute of Engineering (IOE) Nepal under Tribhuvan University (TU).

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