Best Book for IOE Entrance Preparation : Complete Guide & Download

Choosing the best book for IOE entrance preparation is a little confusing than preparing for the entrance exam. You must have tightened your belts and started your preparation.

Before practising online, it is a must for the candidates to go through the theory of all the subjects from the best books available in the market for IOE entrance preparation. Students must read books for aiming to clear the IOE entrance examination.

Now is the time to start your preparation Start preparing for the IOE entrance examination with the updated and latest  IOE entrance syllabus.

Best Book for IOE Entrance Preparation : Complete Guide & Download

IOE Entrance Preparation Best Books List

There are many books for the IOE entrance. The Preparation Books for IOE are available in Nepal for as follows:

Book Name Subject
+2 Books and the Class Note. Physics, Chemistry, Basic Mathematics
IOE Entrance Accelerator  Book by Bijay Puri sir (e-PCM)
Samiksha Publication Books All Subjects (e-PCM)
Bishal’s Concise Physics Dr Bishal Gyawali’s  (e-PCM)
Books of PEA, SEA, NAME, VIBRANT, OCEAN, PI Subject Books

Understand the basics of all the important topics from these books. Quick analyzing power is required to solve reasoning questions that can be developed only through practice.

The Reasoning section is expected to be of a moderate level. The major chunk of questions will be from mind checking and the idea generation of a higher level in the exam.

Engineering Entrance Exam Study Materials

Whenever you start your entrance preparation, you must be clear with the exam pattern and topics to study for a particular subject.

Based on this, you can select books to start with. In the tables below, we have shared the details of the important and best books for preparation, a list of important topics to study as well as the section-wise important books from where you can study the respective topics.

Best Book for IOE Entrance Preparation

For effective preparation, we are providing a list of books on all subjects so that you can understand the theory of all topics easily. So, check the complete list of English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics books for your exam preparation now!

If you are preparing for good IOE entrance results from scratch and have enough time you can go through

  • University Physics by Young and Freedman for Physics preparation
  • Basic Mathematics for Mathematics preparation
  • Advanced level chemistry by PN Chaudhary for Chemistry preparation.

Go through the theory of all the topics properly. Practice previous year questions so as to understand the level of the exam.

Fasten your calculation by learning derivatives, antiderivatives, complex numbers, etc. Avoid the use of a calculator while practising. Improve your mathematics calculations to save precious time in the exam.

Basically, you must strictly follow  IOE Entrance Syllabus.

Have a good concept from the coursebook of Grade 11 and 12, no other books are needed. Mostly focus on the course books of 11 and 12, practice all questions from these books before it is 1 and half months remaining for the entrance exam. And then go for the best books for preparation of IOE entrance enlisted below.


Books for Engineering Entrance Exam Preparation

Practice a lot to have a good understanding of these topics.

PDF Name Download PDF
Model Questions Set-1 Download
Model Questions Set-2 Download
IOE Entrance Syllabus 2077 Download

Computer Aptitude will not come to the IOE entrance exam this time.

Do not practice the hardest questions, test your skill to solve the easiest questions in no time at all. IOE doesn’t want you to check yourself by asking lengthy questions.

They just want to check your speed and accuracy with concept based and numerical problems. These books include too many topics and in some cases, only surface knowledge is enough.

Practice only what leads you to success. The detailed explanation and the pdf resources are listed below.

IOE Mathematics Challengers

Assuming you need to gain proficiency with all the +2 ideas in detail, this book will be actually quite supportive for you.

This book encourages you to score great imprints in any serious placement tests like the IOE Entrance test alongside the IOE selection test.

The book comprises many shortcut tips and tricks. Cracking IOE entrance may not require you to know all of the shortcuts. So pick the relevant ideas and go along.

IOE Entrance Accelerator

This book covers all subjects, which are needed for IOE Entrance Exam. You can get ready for Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, English, and Engineering inclination at one spot.

This e-APCM covers every previous inquiry and significant themes and deceives to settle questions. Regarding my personal experience, this book helps for the facile result.

If you have less time for entrance preparation, go through this book.

Samiksha Publication Books:

If you require more knowledge, this is another incredible book for getting ready for Engineering somewhere inside.

Incases you need to break placement tests like the IOE Entrance test, IOM Medical selection test, COMPEX INDIAN EMBASSY Entrance test, at that point this book is an extraordinary choice for you.

Chemistry Success Book is composed of incredible passageway arrangement instructors like Dr Yugesh Raj Panta, Dr Santosh Bajagain, and Dr Milan Sedhai.

Bishal’s Concise Physics:

This is also an extraordinary book considered by many IOE aspirants, Because, This book can truly assist you with overhauling the ideas of Physics not long before tests.

This book contains significant and centre ideas of physics. The book is written by a student of the decade Dr Bishal Gyawali.

NAME Institute Volumes:

I additionally propose you go with NAME Institute preparation books. NAME provides books in separate volumes for separate branches for respective subjects.

The volumes for Physics are Mechanics, Optics, Semiconductors and so on.  Similarly, there are volumes for chemistry as Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and so on.

These NAME establishment books have incorporated all fundamental to cutting edge ideas as per their Volume-wise. In this way, If you are getting ready for any serious selection test, NAME organization books would consistently accommodate you.

Recommended Books for IOE Preparation:

In addition, there are books available as made by the entrance preparation institutions like

  1. PEA Question Bank
  2. SEA Books For Theories
  3. NAME Question Bank Volumes
  4. VIBRANT Question Bank
  5. OCEAN Question Bank
  6. PI Question Bank
  7. and more.

You can choose any of them, which will help you in practising questions. They provide old question collections too. However, there is a mere chance of question repetition. Therefore, we can say there are no specialized books on IOE Entrance.

Free Online mock Tests:

In addition, we will provide some online course materials soon on this website too. However, an online platform, IOE Booster have become beneficial to students for online mock test and preparation. You can reach them here

Conclusion of Best Books for IOE Entrance Preparation

These are the energetically suggested books. These incorporate the full preparation of all engineering entrance exams along with IOE.

Basically for a good rank in IOE, TU covering all of the theory in plus two books and practising question banks mentioned above will be enough.

Most of the entrance toppers recommend the plus two books as the best book fo preparation and crack the exam.

Tapendra Pandey
Tapendra Pandey
Tapendra Pandey is a content creator at and he is pursuing Bachelor's Degree In Computer Engineering From Institute of Engineering (IOE) Nepal under Tribhuvan University (TU).

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