Memory Scam 2021: A brief history of Bijay Shahi

Bijay Shahi now can be introduced in multiple ways as scammer, fraud, fake memory king, defaulter, fraudster etc by different media.

He is the big news of today because of his latest interview and demo with an American 4-times memory king, YouTuber and memory trainer Nelson Dellis.

Coming up to the conclusion, Bijay Shahi is now been criticized for his activity as a SCAM and he is regarded as a FAKE Memory King in simple words.

Now, let’s see some basic things that people are talking about him now and the hot news that is coming up on social media. This is making him viral on the internet.

Bijay Shahi Basic Introduction:

Bijay Shahi is a young boy nearly at the age of 20+. He is a permanent resident of the Kalikot district, Karnali province. Bijay has another house in the Surkhet district and came to the capital city of Nepal from his home residence for his higher education.

During his journey of entrance preparation for Medical Education, he joined a renowned Institute called “NAME”. In the institute’s internal mock tests, he used to acquire around 95 to 98 out of full marks 100.

Seeing his ability in the entrance, his friends and instructors were impressed by his marks. Later while, a notice of entrance examination of the Medical Education Committee (MEC), (formerly IOM, Institute of Medicine) was published.

It is not stated anywhere that either he has attended the examination or not but he came into Facebook Live after the result and there he has topped every institute of entrance in Nepal. Also, he said that he has topped the Engineering Entrance and got a full scholarship.

But, despite the fact that, in the final entrance exam by MEC, he was unable to pass the entrance examination. This fact was verified and cross-checked by many persons and  Nepali YouTubers too.

Bijay Shahi World Record Holder?

Bijay Shahi has kept the record in the book called “Champion Book of World Records”. This book is an initiative by Score More Foundation.

Moreover, this organization is founded and organizes the event within 14 countries of the world. Those countries are Australia, Bhutan, China, Canada, France, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, U.K. and U.S.A.

After his record, he was in the interview with the YouTuber Bhaagya Neupane. The interview video can be found on the youtube channel of Champions Book of World Records.

According to the website of “Champion Book of World Records”, he has kept the record. Here are the details of the record he has kept.

Within this entire interview, many of the claims of Bijay Shahi has been noticed and this brought controversy and suspiciousness of his claims.

The popular TV journalist of Nepal Ravi Lammichhane has congratulated him on the picture. He stated that he had a technique and formula of 26 to 30 initially. He said that will publish that formula upcoming years.

Bijay Shahi to NASA and USA

Talking about his journey to NASA of America (USA) and his visit to the USA, he has not ever been to NASA as well to the USA.

In one of the videos on youtube of Bhagya Neupane, he has stated that he had been called by NASA for his mind test.

After few months he will be going to NASA to check his mind and help the scientists of NASA on their further explorations and discoveries.

Later after in the interview video, he stated that he was pressurized by his team to tell that he had been to NASA for the popularity and Youtube views.

Interview on Bhagya Neupane’s Tattato Khabar

After his successful record on Champions Book of World Records, he was introduced to Nepal by the channel of Bhagya Nepupane. In this interview, Bijay Shahi was ready to show the demo of his memory power.

So, he set up an environment a new book of Ayurveda was introduced for the demo. There he was ready to demonstrate and he was successful.

After the end of the demo, he was asked by the interviewer that “have you ever seen this book before?”. And his answer was simply “NO”.

Later a YouTuber has been to his house to show how he studies and what was his strategy of reading and memory power, there was that same and exact book on the shelf of his house.

Demo on Reporters Club of Nepal

Bijay Shahi also performed a demo event on Reporter’s Club of Nepal to demonstrate his memory power and to make people believe in him.

He was criticized for his demo event on Tattato Khabar and to counter this, he requested to perform the demonstration event.

In this event, he was again requested to demo the books brought by Punya Gautam, a social activist but he denied and the other lady available there gave him her book to show the demo.

In that demo, he started his memorizing activity by hiding at the table and at the end, a paper with writing prints was found there which can make a conclusion that he has already written and bought from home.

This brought controversy and he went out from there saying that he will make all Nepalese people literate in the coming time. His popular word “Bye-Bye” was later used as meme material.

Demo on Magne Buda’s home

After he said Bye-Bye from Reporter’s Club of Nepal. He went to a famous actor’s (Kedar Ghimire) house to show him a demo and interview. He also demonstrated his demo to him.

He wanted all people present there to be out of the room along with the camera. This activity brought confusion to people who watched the event. He was requested to show in the room alone with the camera but he again denied it.

This video also was criticized due to his activities of hiding and somewhat cheating can be done.

Demo with Superstar Rajesh Hamal

Bijay Shahi also visited Nepal’s actor and celebrity (Rajesh Hamal) to demonstrate his memory power demo. There he demonstrated and interviewed.

Everything was changed like location, people, things but the same thing was repeated in his demonstration. That was his reading style and memorizing method. He used to utter a sound that was different and unclear.

Demo and Interview on Rishi Dhamala’s Show

Similarly, a famous and top reporter of Nepal, Rishi Dhaamala also interviewed and demonstrated his demo. Mr Dhamala requested him to read a Holy book of Hindu (Bhagwata Geeta).

There he read that book within around minutes which was impossible and unclear. He again got controversy that he was cheating somewhere because he claimed that it was not possible even to capture images in minutes.

Has Bijay Shahi a Guinness World Record?

Though he has recorded his name in the book called “Champion Book of World Records” under the title “The Longest Sequence of Objects Memorized in 30 seconds”.

He has memorized 102 objects in 30 seconds and he is not recorded in “Guinness Book of World Records”.

Initially, Bijay Shahi has not recorded his potential in the Guinness Book of World Records. but, indeed he had participated in the event organized by “Champion Book of World Records”. So, he is not a record holder of “Guinness World Records”.

A Journey to the Memory Ability Practioner

Bijay Shahi is introducing himself as a “Memory Practitioner and Trainer” in Nepal. He also claimed “Memory King” in Nepal himself. He used to say that he had a formula of 25 to 26 lines. After practising that everyone can learn fast and easily.

Campaigns in schools and colleges

Likewise, he has run many campaigns with his team in various schools and colleges in Nepal showing his ability and speaking about his records. He had published a book regarding his formula and sold it to the students.

He was also ready to publish the book for MBBS preparing students.

Taken money and Run-away news

Rumours or news regarding this has been out stating that “Bijay Shahi has taken about Rs 5000 money from each student of Surkhet to teach them the formula and he could not complete his promise”.

But, according to information provided by Routine of Nepal Banda, a popular Facebook page and media of Nepal, that he has not taken any money from any of the students.

One of the pages has posted that Bijay’s team has collected money from students for the memory technique and formula.

Bijay shahi Institute of Memory

He has opened his own institute named “Bijay Shahi Institute of Memory” in Kathmandu which can be seen on many other interview videos on youtube.

The latest interview video by American Youtuber as well as Memory Practitioner Nelson Dellis.

Is Bijay Shahi Memory King?

Bijay Shahi is a self-proclaimed memory king of Nepal. He likes to call himself a “Memory King” in Nepal. But no sufficient proof has been found in any source except the record in the “Champion Book of World Records” website.

Demo and Interview with Nelson Dellis

Memory Champion Nelson Dellis has made a clarification video regarding Bijay Shahi and has said that he got scammed. He has also shared some evidence in his recently released video regarding paper and the text he has written.

In Nelson Dellis interview, Bijay was in a rush and hustle. It was said that a lady in the video was trained to record the audio. Other illustrations like the paper tearing method and handwriting along with many points were concluded that proves Bijay Shahi to be Fake and Scammer.

Nelson made a video regarding this and proved that he was cheated by Biajy Shahi.

His Death News and Trolls Viral on Social Media

Trending viral news regarding his death was a meme and troll. Those dead body posts of Bijay Shahi were deleted.

He is not dead and this is confirmed by the news on many social media pages with confirmation of local police officers.

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Ashok Nath
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