Biomedical Engineering in Nepal: Course Full Details

Biomedical engineering is the mixture of engineering and medical science, professional
with a combination of knowledge of various engineering disciplines to improve health
care and quality of life.

Biomedical Engineering in Nepal

While biomedical engineering formally came up as a major course
in the 1950s, the course started in Nepal just a decade back with its importance being
acknowledged and biomedical engineers have been recruited by various institutes.

Accounting for artificial intelligence, robotic surgery, 3D printing, which are believed
to be the future of medical science, it is necessary to strengthen the biomedical

Bio-Engineering in Nepal

This article aims to highlight the overview as well as the opportunities and
challenges of biomedical engineering in Nepal. Biomedical engineers are the bridge between doctors and engineering.

BMEs could identify the needs of doctors and help in the production of those devices and equipment. The collaboration of engineering with the medical field could help in generating various innovative tools that could vastly improve the health care facility.

However, fewer opportunities have made students think before they join
this course. Good job opportunities and research facilities will encourage students to join biomedical engineering.

Entrance Exam for Biomedical Engineering in Nepal

Also, the need for higher education and masters in biomedical engineering has to be started in Nepal with enough practice and exposure to various medical devices
is necessary to produce qualified biomedical engineers.

The future of medical science as predicted by the World health organization is robotic surgery, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. Biomedical engineers are the key to introduce or develop such technologies. So, there is a strong need to enhance biomedical engineering in Nepal

Pooja Bajagain
Pooja Bajagain
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