Champions Book of World Records Hacked by PwnLord!

Champions Book of World Records(CBWR) is a National and International Book of Records. The record book aims to give a platform to people who have some hidden or unhidden talent, who want to stand ahead of others and want to have their name in the golden pages of history by doing and accomplishing unique attempts.

Keeping this in mind, CBWR encourages people to showcase their talents and skills by creating and breaking a number of new records in numerous categories.

Champion Book of World Records’ official website hacked

This website was the old website of the Champions Book of world records. It is used to be providing all the records we search for on the Internet. Later on, it was compromised by hackers.

Surprisingly all the data backup was safe so it was recovered and data was moved to another Google subdomain site safely. Now it is providing service smoothly and safely from the newly created website.

Now, while we were scanning his record data from the official site, it is found that the website has been hacked and compromised by the hacker who left the flag.


Data Moved to New Google Site:

Google provides a free website for business owners. It has an extension of We don’t need any domain and hosting for this kind of website. But the clients can use their custom domain like in Blogger.


A major advantage and turning point for the organization;

Before the website was compromised, it used to be hosted and the domain was paid. It would cost them some money for their service. But due to some security reasons, hackers found the loophole and compromised it.

Still, the site is malicious and has been flagged by a hacker named PwnLord! The organization cleverly shifted all the data to Google’s safest domain and hosting website.

Now, they need not have to pay for domain and hosting as well as google’s security policy is so strong. It nearly cannot be compromised unless the email id through which it is hosted is compromised.

Conclusion of Champions Book of World Records Hacked by PwnLord!

Security is an essential part of digital media. Every organization or person should care about it. As the world is running now on the digital platform. Data is a very crucial part of human life.

Ashok Nath
Ashok Nath
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