Engineering Scholarship In Pokhara University for 2022/2079

Pokhara University announces a scholarship notice for bachelor-level entrance preparing students. As, according to the joint committee of Pokhara University, Pokhara University affiliated colleges/schools, and Pokhara University Scholarship Law  2065,  the following decision is made for the scholarship program for various Bachelor level programs under Pokhara University on the  Nepali date 2077/11/09 or 25th Feb 2021.

Scholarship In Pokhara University

The scholarship scheme for the bachelor level is designed by considering the following major points. For the detailed information to apply for the quota in Pokhara University bachelor level programs, see the link above table:

  1. Applications are invited from eligible Nepali nationals for the selection of candidates for the free scholarship study through open competition.
  2. From the total quota of Pokhara University, except local scholarship and Teacher’s children education scholarship quota, 60% quota are open competition and 40% scholarship quota are secured for the marginalized quota (like physically disabled, martyr’s family, people’s movement injured victims, rural, Dalit, Janjati and Madhesi community)
  3. Therefore, for females, the 50/50 % scholarship quota is secured from both open and marginalized quotas.

Entrance Examination System of Pokhara University and Affiliated Colleges

Actually, the entrance system in Pokhara University affiliated colleges of engineering is different from the colleges of other university-affiliated and constituent colleges of engineering. The fact is that the students wishing to study BE in Pokhara University affiliated with full-fee must attend and pass the entrance examination conducted by the particular college (not PU).

Although the Pokhara University affiliated colleges are dependent on Pokhara University, the university recommends the affiliated colleges to take entrance examinations independently in their own colleges. This system makes it easier for the students applying to PU-affiliated colleges. The students no need to go to Pokhara for full-fee entrance. The registration and entrance for full-fee can be applied from affiliated colleges. A certain amount of discount on the fee can be achieved by the student on the basis of their +2 marks/grades and ranks of the entrance.

Scholarship In Pokhara University Science and Technology

But, for the scholarship and quota, Pokhara University (not affiliated colleges) takes the entrance examination of the deserving Nepalese candidates themselves. For this, the students must go to the central campus at Pokhara to attend the scholarship entrance. The university then allocates the seats for those scholarships getting students in its different constituent, joint-constituent, and affiliated colleges across the country. Based on the rank and quota, the student can achieve a full-discount on the fee.

How to fill Pokhara University Scholarship Form Online?

Scholarship Criteria Scholarship and Quota Seats available
Open Competition  60% (For females, the 50/50 % scholarship )
Teachers/Staffs Quota Available
Marginalized Quota (Apanga ),
(Mahila ), (Backward/rural Area ),
( Aadibasi/Janjaati ),
( Dalit Community )

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