EPS TOPIK Korea Result for Nepal 2022 is Published: Check Now

EPS Korea Result for Nepal has been published today. EPS Topik Korean Bhasa Result for Nepal 2022 by using EPS.go.kr.

Check Your EPS Korea result easily by clicking on the link below. EPS Korea recently published the EPS Topik Korea result for all countries including Nepal. The Result 2023 EPS is published, check here.

The results of the first phase of the language test for employment in agriculture and animal husbandry in South Korea under the Employment Ratio System (EPS) have been made public.

Check EPS Result 2022 and 2023:

Check your eps Korea result by following the methods. EPS Topik Korean Bhasa result name list check process. Click below the Name Lists or Search Image button to view your result name lists.

Result-of-Agriculture-Livestock_2nd-and-Schedule-of-Skill-Test-Date-Time 2023:

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In the notice published on 2078.11.30, it is mentioned that the estimated number of people who will pass the first and second stage of the Korean language exam for the manufacturing sector (EPS TOPIK, UBT-2022) will be 6913 people, adding 8000 to the number of people who will pass both stages of the exam.

EPS Topik Korean Language Test Result 

Important information regarding the results of the Korean language test (EPS TOPIK, UBT-2022) for the productive sector.

The Korean government has sent 2,741 workers to agriculture and animal husbandry, of which 1,809 have been recruited in the first phase.

In the first phase, the names of 1,400 candidates are being prepared to be made public. 6,106 people participated in the first phase of the Korean language test in agriculture and animal husbandry. 6,597 people applied for the first phase while 491 did not participate in the examination.

As the estimated number of candidates to be listed in the roster is as follows, this notice has been published for the information of all concerned as it has come in writing from HRD Service of Korea, EPS centre, Nepal.

EPS Korea Language Test Exam Result 

  • Announced through a web page on the designated day after EPS-TOPIK implemented
    Home page address:
        • http://eps.hrdkorea.or.kr
        • http://epstopik.hrdkorea.or.kr
  • Posted at Sending Agency in the sending country
    Pass Criteria: Among the candidates who scored over 80 points (full marks 200), a designated number of candidates will pass in order of highest score
  • Valid term of EPS-TOPIK: 2 years from the announcement date of the test result

Even if the candidates pass the EPS-TOPIK, they only obtain qualifications to be registered in EPS Pool through a Job application, which does not guarantee employment in Korea
Reference (summary of employment procedure)

    • EPS-TOPIK pass
    • Job application
    • Roster making and registration
    • Introducing foreign workers (Random)
    • Employment
    • A person who wants to make a job application shall issue a passport prior to the job application.

Korean EPS Bhasa Language Exam Routine

Agriculture & Manufacture Korean Bhasa Pariksha Exam Routine and download the EPS result Now.

  • Exam Routine: Agriculture/ Livestock:

  1. First Phase- 2079 Baisakh 26 to Jestha 13
  2. Second Phase – 2079 Jestha 24 to 2079 Asadha 16
  • Agriculture/ Live Stock: Skill Test 2nd Round:

  1. First Phase: 2079 Baisakh 26 to 2079 Jestha 13
  2. Second Phase: 2079 Jestha 24 to 2079 Asadh 16
  • Exam Routine- Manufacturing:

  1. First Phase- 2079 Asadh 10 to 2079 Bhadra 10
  2. Second Phase- 2079 Bhadra 16 to 2079 Ashwin 21
  • Manufacturing: Skill Test 2nd Round:

  1. First Phase: 2079 Asadh 20 to 2079 Bhadra 10
  2. Second Phase: 2079 Bhadra 16 to 2079 Ashwin 21

EPS Korea Nepal Result

EPS Korea Result is available for all who want to check now. Here is the process of finding the result now;

  • Go to the official website https://eps.hrdkorea.or.kr/
  • Click on Test Results
  • Candidates for skill test
  • Go to Passer’s list
  • See the exam results

Eligibility for EPS Exam

  • Male Or Female From 18 Years of 39 Years
  • No Criminal Record
  • No Experience Of Deportation From Republic Of Korea
  • No Restriction On Immigration

Evaluation Contest for EPS Exam

  • Basic Communication Skills Needed in Everyday Life in Korea
  • Korean Language Skills Needed in Industry
  • Understanding of Korean Business Culture.

The Purpose of this Test is, Promoting Adaptation to Korean Life By Leading the Entrance Of Foreign Worker Who Have a Basic Understanding Of Korean and Evaluation of the Level of Korean Language Skills Of Foreign Job Seekers & Korean Society.

Test Hour 50 Minutes (Listening 25 Minutes, Reading 25 Minutes )
Age 18 to 39 Years
Reading Marks 100
Listening Marks 100


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