Why eSewa removed from Google Playstore? Was it?

eSewa is the most used mobile wallet service in Nepal. It operates in both online and offline mode and is probably the most trusted mobile wallet among customers. Yesterday, the eSewa application has been removed from the Google Playstore.

However, the app is still available in Apple‘s Appstore and is still functioning on Android devices which has already installed the eSewa app. You can still download the eSewa app on Android phones from the eSewa website.

eSewa is yet to reveal the reason for which their android application has been removed from Playstore.

They have mentioned that “They are working with the play-store team to make the app live once again”. So we are hopeful that the eSewa application will be back in Google Playstore soon.

eSewa removed from Google Playstore

eSewa Removed From Google Playstore

This is not the first time a digital wallet has been removed from Google Playstore. Recently Khalti and IME Pay also suffered the same problem and they were restored within a few days.

This removal of digital wallets from Playstore arrises a question in the customer’s mind as Google doesn’t remove the application from Playstore without any reasons. If the application has security issues and doesn’t follow the security policy of the Play Store then they may remove the application. However, there are a few other reasons too.

That being said, there must be a few reports coming soon as these scenarios are arising multiple times.

eSewa , the oldest, first, and pioneer digital wallet in Nepal for the last 13 years, has suddenly disappeared from Google Playstore. However, the application is available and successfully running in the Appstore.

Previously, Khalti and Imepay – another digital wallet in Nepal also faced similar problems and was unlisted in the Play store for almost 24 hours.

eSewa removed from Google Playstore

eSewa Disappears From Google Playstore

A representative from eSewa mentioned that “Meanwhile we are working with the play-store team to restore the app; the reason is still unknown to us.

This is the official content for now “eSewa Android app is temporarily unavailable on Google’s Play Store for new downloads or updates.

It will be back very soon. Existing users can continue to use our eSewa app as normal.New users can download our Android App from our website.
https://esewa.com.np ”. Hence, the application will soon be available for new android users within Dashain so be ready to download from the play store with more exciting offers.

eSewa returns to the Play Store 19 hours later

The esewa app that was abruptly removed from the Play Store is once again accessible and downloadable via the play store after 19 hours.

Since Friday at 5 p.m., the app Esewa, which was removed from the Play Store for technical reasons, has been reinstated. This issue affected users who wanted to download new applications in addition to those already installed on their mobile devices. Android users can now download this application from the Play Store.

Previously, apps such as Khalti and IME Pay were removed from the Google Play Store and then reinstated. However, there are reports that the application has been removed from the Play Store due to security vulnerabilities in the market.

The company asserts that this is false. The company stated that eSewa returned to the Play Store after submitting all required documentation.

The most popular mobile wallet service in Nepal is eSewa. It operates both online and offline and is likely the most reliable mobile wallet among customers. The eSewa app was removed from the Google Playstore yesterday.

About 19 hours later, eSewa returned to the Play Store

A lot of our viewers expressed their concern regarding the disappearance of two leading digital wallets from Google Playstore. About two months back, Khalti and Ime pay also faced similar issues with Google and now eSewa has become the victim.

Even though the application is designed keeping Google’s policies in mind, Google is subjected to change its policies time-to-time. So, a minor change might create massive issues for the developers. Therefore, the team should stay updated on the rules and policies time-to-time in order to avoid facing these disasters.

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