Did you miss first entrance test for BE degree programs?

Wanted To Study Engineering Courses But Haven't Joined Any College's Yet?

Missed the first entrance examinations due to examinations at IOE, SOE PU?
Was trying somewhere else?
Was preparing for a different course or hadn’t planned what appropriate to study?
Could not decide what course to join?
Didn’t have an idea, proper knowledge or a guide to your career?
Was learning IELTS courses to apply for foreign countries?

If these questions are true to you or had these kinds of thoughts, I can understand your position and I will try my best to provide proper guidance to you with the help of the above-mentioned questions.

Now you have finally decided to study in Nepal only and you are sure you want to study the engineering courses only. You will study engineering courses and anyhow you will work hard (Smile for the word wok-hard I used here). Okay, let’s be serious and get into the topic we were discussing. We will be talking about the things in some steps so that it will be easier to understand what we will do next.

You know entrance in IOE for this year is closed and you can apply for it after a complete year. Thinking about working hard and applying next year at IOE might be the first option in your head. It’s your choice and totally depends on you and your hard work towards it. In this case, I cannot discuss anything less or more. You have already thought of taking leave and trying next year (simply called a gap or gapping a year ) will be your and your family’s decision. But being your friend, I would recommend you to apply and join this year only.

You may ask me two different questions, Why would I join this year and waste my money? Next year I will be studying without paying any fee in IOE. And another question is How would I join engineering this year? As entrance in  Kathmandu University (KU), Institute of Engineering  (IOE) under Tribhuvan University, School of Engineering under Pokhara University (PU),  is closed? My wish to study engineering is limited here.

There is a total of 5 universities in Nepal and they all have an engineering degree program.Some universities have affiliated colleges with them which provide engineering program and enrollment in engineering courses. From them, KU, IOE, PU have already closed the entrance till today.

Hey,  don’t be worried. You still have a chance to study engineering and fulfill your dream. For this, you have to do the first step is to see the college’s websites affiliated with Pokhara University and Purwanchal University if you wish to study inside Kathmandu valley. And you may also apply at the Farwestern University.

Ashok Nath

Ashok Nath is a content creator in easytipstutorial.com and he is pursuing Bachelor's Degree In Computer Engineering From Nepal College Of Information Technology (NCIT) Pokhara University Nepal. He like to write tips and tutorials on different kinds of difficulties that people would face on thier way to success.

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