[QR]How to get covid-19 vaccine certificate online in Nepal?

Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate is a certification provided by MOHP to the vaccinated citizen who is going abroad countries. Since it is essential for the traveller to leave Nepal for abroad studies or on a working visa.

Now, On the initial days, MOHP provided a certificate on the basis of physical paper-based forms by visiting the office.

But, later due to the long crowd from the way to the office and office periphery, the office started their online electronic form for the people going abroad.

Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate in Nepal

Covid-19 vaccine certificate is proof of vaccinating from Nepal. Therefore, Due to the international law by abroad countries, it is compulsory to have a QR-based covid-19 vaccination certificate.

The QR-based certificate is helpful to verify easily by the authorities while entering and leaving Nepal. Therefore, it is also required for entering other international countries.

Covid-19 vaccine certificate is easier and safer applying from an online form. Using an online form can help to minimize transmission of covid-19. So, now let’s understand how to get a vaccination certificate in Nepal.

Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Online

How to get a covid-19 vaccine certificate in Nepal?

However, getting a vaccine certificate from Nepal after vaccination requires the following steps.

  1. Go to vaccine.mohp.gov.np
  2. Click on the blue coloured Vaccination Verification Form button on the right top corner.
  3. Fill in all the required fields of the form.
  4. After filling in all details, download in confession form from the bottom of the form page.
  5. Fill the downloaded form with a pen.
  6. Now, capture the clear image of in confession form you filled.
  7. Upload the captured image on Self Declaration Image.
  8. Click on Submit

covid-19 vaccine certificate in Nepal

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Documents required to fill a covid-19 vaccine certificate in Nepal

The major documents that are required to fill to get the covid-19 vaccine certificate in Nepal are:

  • Vaccine Card Image (Khop card photo)

This card is a special card that contains your name, your number of doses and the location of vaccination.

  • Self Declaration Form Image (Kabuliyatanaamaa Form)

This form is the in-confession form which expresses that you agreed to complete the number of doses provided by the Nepal government.

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