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FREE .edu email in Nepal!! How to get FREE .edu email in Nepal?

What is .edu email? How to get FREE .edu email in Nepal?

An educational institution provides FREE .edu email to their staffs or students.It is a special type of email address for academic purpose.

free .edu email nepal

Why do you need FREE .edu email address?

 Many of the tech companies provide their services to their customers.Those services are sometimes free and paid in some regions. Some regions have different kind of packages like for personal, business, and student. Hence,to get services as a student , you need to have your special college information card like identification card or sometimes email address provided by respective institution where you are admitted.

Famous services using FREE .edu email:

  1. You can get any software under student version .
  2. Apply for services like code-camps, hack-a-thons and free courses online.

How to get .edu email FREE of cost in Nepal?

To get FREE .edu email  in Nepal, you must enroll in any course in colleges of Nepal. Therefore, the college may provide you a unique email address that has an extension of

What are the requirements for eligibility of FREE .edu email address in Nepal??

There are no any special requirements and eligibility criteria for achieving FREE .edu email  in Nepal. But the basic thing is that you must enroll to any academic college or institution.

How is FREE .edu email different from gmail?

Institution has a website. Website has an domain. They park Domain in any hosting. The server provides a unique FREE .edu email.  But, gmail is achieved from google. Here, .edu refers to education and .np refers to Nepal. Some colleges provide gmail instead of FREE .edu email address.

How is it possible to provide FREE .edu email to large number of students?

Institution have large number of students. Hence, to provide them .edu email , hosting may not be capable of handling those number of students. Therefore, Google’s G-Suite program is designed for providing students a facility of educational services like .edu email, classroom, unlimited google drive storage and many more.

How to apply for FREE .edu email in Nepal?

While getting .edu email in Nepal is very simple and easy. Therefore, following are the basic steps to receive FREE .edu email  in Nepal.

Step no. 1: Firstly, get admitted to any institution in Nepal.

Step 2: Incase, institution does not provides you FREE .edu email , you must write an application to your principal stating that why do you need .edu email.

Step no. 3: Then, confirm your FREE .edu email after few days that institute notify you .

Step 4: Now, Enjoy the services you get under student package on any platform.

Example : If you need IntelliJ-Idea an IDE for JAVA by JetBrains, either you pay for it or get under an students edition using  FREE .edu email.

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