How to prepare for IOE entrance 2021/2077?

First of all, go through the syllabus and marks distribution.

Make a well-scheduled timetable for each chapter.

You can prepare the topics with less weightage at last.

You must keep sufficient time for revision.

Rote learning will not be feasible for the exam, all you need is to grab the concepts and be able to apply them in questions.

Some questions are formula based so never let go of any formulas you notice. Note them along with short definitions and points.

These will be helpful before exams and during revision.

prepare ioe entrance

If the exam is nearing and you have not understood any topics properly then it is better to skip the chapter and be confident in all other chapters.

Look for answer sheets only after you solve problems and get an answer. While practicing keep track of time and know how much time, you are spending per question.

Be sure you will be able to cover all questions in the provided time. Each time analyze your mistakes and improvise next time. Revise as much as you can. Ensure that you have no doubts remaining before the exam.

Practice, Eat healthy, sleep early. Consider taking breaks every hour you study.

Tapendra Pandey

Tapendra Pandey is a content creator at and he is pursuing Bachelor's Degree In Computer Engineering From Institute of Engineering (IOE) Nepal under Tribhuvan University (TU).

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