How to make good slides for presentation: Best Complete Guide

Are you preparing for the presentation in any programmes? If I am right, then you must be searching for the best and unique idea to present your ideas and stories to your listeners.

For good and uploading presentation you can so I would like to suggest you work on a simple design and clear vision.

How to make a good slide for a presentation?

Making your presentation look better is another challenge while keeping the design simple. We try to make our presentation eye-catching as well as easily understandable.

Now we are going to follow some step by step guides to the best slide for our presentation.

Things to consider while designing good looking slides for presentation.

  1. Always start with your main topic and try to define your idea in a simple manner so that listeners will understand in a short time and feel energetic about listening what you are speaking about.
  2.  After the definition try your best to explain the use, its benefits, application and its related findings on your slides.
  3. Always keep the picture or diagrams with label and explain it in your own words which will be easier to understand to your listeners.
  4. Make the bulleted points. This will be easier for them to listen to you and understand those points while you are the speaking.
  5. If you are trying to explain the case studies, you should try to include the statistics or the historical data that is needed for making an understanding to your listeners.
  6.  Use the colours to your slides carefully. This will not create annoyingness to the listeners or they will not be bored.
  7. It is sure that you understand every logic and story behind your ideas but keeping all those things in the slide will make your slide long contentful and your listeners will be bored. So always try to keep least content but imaginative and self-descriptive.
  8. It is not always sure that your ideas will be covered in a less slides but always shorten pages or use limited pages by lesser explanation so that your presentation will be very effective and interesting as well as short time-consuming.
  9. Try to include the questions that may arise by the listeners or the doubts about your ideas in your slides at last, so that you can talk about them.
  10. Design the ending page with best and motivation quotes or anything that will make feel motivated to the listeners and make them feel this was great.

How to make a good design of powerpoint presentation 

  1. Start your slide with your personal introduction and the title of your presentation.
  2. Use bulleted points and arrowheads to illustrate the measure ideas.
  3. Choose the template that suits your presentation.Sometimes using many templates for your presentation does seem the old nature to the theme of your slides.
  4. ALways use the fonts that are smooth enough.
  5. Maintain the font size for better visibility and clarity.
  6. Try to keep the major points only, not the full content.
  7. Always include the pictures or diagrams that represents your idea.
  8. Include the key points rather lengthy descriptions.
  9. Try to explain by your mouth to your listeners rather than looking into slides and explaining.
  10. Keep proper header and footer in the slides of your presentation.

Making presentation for college

Presentations occurs very frequently in schools and colleges. Students are provided with assignments and homeworks to make presentation in their classrooms.

To prepare the presentations easily and faster, students must plan their presentations according to their selected topics.

After being successfull choosing topics and preparing plans, the final presentation can be designed following above ideas.

Conclusion of the Post

In this post, we have discussed about making good slides for presentation in colleges and other place where we have to present.

I hope this post has helped students alot for making best slides for presentation. If any problem and confusiion regarding this article , feel free to comment below.

Ashok Nath
Ashok Nath
Ashok Nath is a content creator in He likes to write tips and tutorials on different kinds of difficulties that people face day to day life.

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