How to write research paper and where to publish it?

Doing research and publishing a written document or article is the old practice. The “The Principle of Relativity and Its Consequences in Modern Physics” written by Albert Einstein is an example of a research article. Know about how to write a research paper and where to publish it.

What is a Research paper?

A research paper is a well-written document, which involves the thorough study on a specific topic. It is the systematic process of keeping the reasonable findings and results on our topic of interest. We will discuss How to write research paper in this article.

First of all lets go through the writing process of paper and then we will discuss the publication process.

These are the topics that a research paper must contain:

  • Title:

    Title should be specific, concise, accurate and should clearly address the research you have done. It should be around 120 characters. The author/s’ name/s and present affiliation should appear just below the title. It is the title that attracts the publishers and readers.

  • Abstract:

    Readers can quickly view the actual contents of the paper using the abstract. Journals normally place strict Word limits on abstracts, like 200 words, which make it challenging to write. A full overview of the research paper should be presented in the abstract, and the themes and specific research concerns should be presented, a statement on, methodologies should be given and the results and findings should be mentioned in short sentence. Five to eight key words should be provided-it the bottom of the abstract.

  • Introduction:

    The introduction starts with a general theme and the basic background information about the presentation. It then narrows itself to the research problem on this subject. The aim and focus for the rest of the paper is provided and the rationale for the research is established.

  • Methodologies and materials:

    The research design and methodology used are described in this section. The general rule is to provide enough detail for the readers to demonstrate the study. There may primary methods of study based on raw data or secondary based on available data. Most of these approaches must be used for research like quantitative, qualitative, descriptive,analytical,applied,fundamental,exploratory,conclusive,surveys and case studies. The statistical tools and techniques used must also be mentioned.

  • Result:

    The analytical results are presented in this section. The manner in which the results are presented depends on the approach of  the research study as mentioned above. This section should only focus on research or problem related results. Graphs like pie charts, bar diagrams and tables should be used only when too much data is available to include it efficiently in the test. The results should be given in this section but should not be discussed. The results should not be overridden by preconceived ideas.

  • Discussion:

    The results and implications of the field and other fields should be discussed in this section. The interpretation of the results should respond to the hypothesis and validate it.

  • Conclusion:

    This section should also discuss how the results relate to previous research, any cautions about the findings and potential of the research.

  • Acknowledgements:

    In this section, you must include recognitions that should be short and specific and provide information on various supports received for the research. The support may be moral or fund support or the support received during the study.

  • References:

The research article is not complete without the list of references i.e. the works cited or bibliography.

The names of the writer and year of publication in chronological order should be cited in the text and they must be listed here in this section.

There may be already topics relating your field of research. So researching the research papers is mandatory. Only thing is you can’t present others work as yours. This is where citations come.

All cited works should be arranged alphabetically according to the names of the author and listed at the end of the publication. Common formats include APA, MLA, IEEE, Chicago, etc.


Where can I find the Research paper?

Now that you know how to write a research paper, lets find out where similar manuscripts can be found.

Research Papers can be found on online sites as:

Google Scholar, ACM portal, Citeseer, academia, IEEE Xplore, Semantic scholar.

After written a complete manuscript following all above guidelines, now it comes to a question that where and how to to publish a research paper?

Where and how to to publish a research paper?

Writing a paper and keeping in your own notebook is not a achievement. To make our research known to world, to readers and enthusiasts, we need to publish it.

We can write our papers being specific to some journals or conferences. Thus, our manuscript can be journals or conference papers.

There are some journals in the field of science as

Difference between Conference and Journal

Certain organizations organize a conference where you get to present your work so that the manuscript gets published in the conference paper.

The conference papers are likely to be accepted fast than journal papers as conferences have a fixed time period of publishing conference papers. They accept a few limited papers and have their own limitations in the contents.

Whereas, Journals can be published at any time as some may be yearly.  It needs time and patience to get your research paper published in a journal.

Journals have a good acceptance rate than conferences. In addition, you can publish them in journals created by the institute or college you are related to.

Points to be considered:

  • Read carefully the target journal’s objectives, scope and author guidelines to avoid rejection.
  •  Always let some professionals review your work before you submit for publication.
  • There may be call for articles for different conference or journal publication you should    always keep an eye for.

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