Sunday, August 1, 2021

IOE Entrance Exam Date 2078 Possibility After Grade 12 Exam

You are a plus two student and are worrying about your engineering entrance exam.IOE Entrance exam for the year 2078 is probably to happen from 15 days after the grade 12th exam.

Generally, the IOE entrance exam for Bachelor in Engineering and Bachelor in Architecture is conducted in the month of August/September.

Most of the time, the IOE Entrance exam starting from the month of March in Nepal was postponed as the coronavirus pandemic hit the world.

IOE has been conducting computer-based entrance exams and will be feasible if they take the process online. But it seems IOE Entrance exam for 2078, there is more chance of the entrance exam being in physical presence than online.

The rumours of grade 12 exams are spread in Nepalese social media are likely to happen from the month of Bhadra. But due to no official notice from the government and NEB, it is uncertain to say now only when grade 12 exams will be conducted in Nepal.

However, By now we can just understand clearly that when grade 12 exams are over, IOE starts taking the IOE entrance exam only after 15 days prior to releasing notice.

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