IOE Entrance Preparation Guide Tips for Students

IOE Entrance Preparation: In each academic year Institute of Engineering (IOE) conducts an entrance examination. But, only those students who have prepared and passed the entrance examination are meant to be eligible for admission.

These eligible students can get admitted to any of the constituent and affiliated colleges according to the admission process followed by the respective college.

Entrance Preparation Guide:

You have to compete with 15,000+ applicants for limited seats in the IOE and other IOE affiliated engineering colleges. So for cracking the IOE entrance, you must study smarter. The following method will help you to manage the preparation for IOE entrance.

  1. Make a Well-Scheduled Timetable for Each Chapter of PCM Subjects Books
  2. Study English and Grammar Subjects carefully
  3. For Chemistry and Its “Miracles”, build the idea.
  4. For Mathematics, Be “Sherlock Holmes”, practice more.
  5. Finally, When Exams are Near, revise all.
  6. At the IOE’s Computer Based Entrance Exams

What is the IOE Entrance Exam?

For admission in various Engineering Colleges affiliated to the Institute of Engineering(IOE) under Tribhuvan University(TU), the Entrance Exam department conducts entrance exam after Preparation for admission in various streams of engineering for

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering(BE) Pulchowk Engineering College generally at the month of August and November respectively. The selection exam is taken few months after the National Examination Board (NEB) final exam of class 12.

One who has passed the entrance exam after the Preparation of IOE entrance will be eligible for admission in the IOE constituent and IOE-affiliated engineering colleges in Nepal.

Who takes the IOE Entrance exam?

The Entrance Examination Board conducts the Entrance examinations at Tribhuvan University, Institute of Engineering (IOE) yearly for undergraduate (Bachelor) and postgraduate (Master) intake.

The entrance exam for the undergraduate program (B.E./B.E. Arch.) is highly competitive where 15000 students from all over Nepal compete.

The candidate willing to appear in the entrance examination after Entrance Preparation to get enrollment into the program should fill and submit the online Application Form within the deadline prescribed by the Entrance Exam Board.

Methods of Entrance Preparation:

You must note that in order to study at an engineering college affiliated with Tribhuvan University, you must pass the IOE entrance examination. Generally, during the preparation of  preparation can be viewed from two major perspectives. They are

  1. preparing entrance exam during +2 and
  2. preparing for the entrance after the completion of +2.

Both the perspectives are good in their own time and situation. Inside these two perspectives, there are two other sub- perspectives. They are

  1. studying +2  inside the Kathmandu Valley and preparing IOE entrance
  2. studying +2 outside the Kathmandu Valley and thinking to prepare IOE entrance

Many of the students lie under perspective 2 and under sub-perspective 2, while most of the students inside the valley prepare for the IOE entrance exam parallel to their +2 college.

In the meantime, the students outside the valley think Preparation after the completion of +2 and focus on their NEB courses and exam.

When Entrance Preparation:

The entrance preparation varies due to students inside the valley and outside the valley. But, most of the students start to prepare after the +2 exam.

The +2 exams nearly finish during starting of summer or Baishakh of Nepali Calendar (sometimes may vary due to unavoidable circumstances). This time period fully depends on the completion of the NEB +2 exam.

Another time period of entrance preparation is during +2 study. It can be taken parallel with academic courses.

The long derivations and mathematical solutions are studied for final exams but only the concept and tricks must be understood for the IOE entrance exam.

We suggest studying class-11 and class-12 theoretical concepts, principles, formulas, and necessary derivations for IOE entrance exam preparation. It can be sufficient for the questions to solve in IOE CBT Exam.

How Entrance Preparation is done

Whatever the situation becomes, the student chooses, it is sure and 100% correct that one should pass the entrance of IOE to get eligible for admission at IOE and its affiliated colleges.

Also, another major point is that only passing the IOE entrance after Preparation is not sufficient in most cases. At least passing can make you sure that you can be allowed to apply at any IOE colleges but not good and renowned colleges.

I don’t mean the rest of the colleges of IOE are bad but in the choice of students, some limited colleges are only good and they opt for those.

So getting a good rank in the IOE Entrance Exam after Preparation is needed to go to these good colleges, and for that, you have to make the preparation a real matter and study smart.

Most of the students feel tough for Preparation and some take it as vast as the Universe. I am not airing the topic neither I am making a joke about it.

But it’s as easy as your preparation for the NEB +2 exam. Believe Me. I did some important tasks smartly and repeated them regularly so that I am able to join IOE Pulchowk.

Understand the Syllabus and Marks Distribution of IOE

With the beginning of Preparation at the very first start, you must be well understood about the syllabus prescribed by IOE.

From 2077, the Aptitude and Drawing Test is removed from the IOE Entrance Syllabus. Since the 2077 (2021) year, IOE has decided not to include the question matters of the subjects like engineering drawing and engineering aptitude for students in the IOE entrance exam.

IOE Entrance Syllabus is recent updated for 2077. Therefore, only students have to study the familiar topics of Physics, Chemistry, English, and Mathematics.

Entrance Preparation step by step:

Make a Well-Scheduled Timetable for Each Chapter of PCM Subjects Books

You can prepare the topics with more marks at the beginning and less weightage at last. This can help you complete your important chapters and topics in time without any pressure of completing the syllabus.

You must keep sufficient time for revision. Look for answer sheets only after you solve problems and get an answer. While practising keep track of time and know how much time, you are spending per question.

Focus on Concepts and Principle Theories Than Remembering Fixed Answers

Rote learning will not be feasible for the exam, all you need is to grab the concepts and be able to apply them in questions. Some questions are formula based so never let go of any formula you need and see.

During Entrance Preparation, try learning them with some basic ideas and visualizations. Also, you can note them along with short definitions and points. These will be helpful before exams and during revision.

Be sure you will be able to cover all questions in the provided time. Each time analyze your mistakes and improvise next time. Revise as much as you can. Ensure that you have no doubts remaining before the exam.

Study English and Grammar Subjects carefully

Our team understands the Article and Grammatical subject like English as a vast portion of knowledge in the sense that we can never complete each and every question type of English and Grammar during Entrance Preparation.

The questions are different as well as the grammar behind them. So, our main focus will be on Physics and Mathematics mainly for better marks. We prepared English and Chemistry as supporting subjects.

We tried to study English according to the syllabus with chapter and topic wise but the question pattern changes every time. So, In the case of the grammar portion of meanings, synonyms, alternative meaning, etc.

it might be better and easier if we first see the right answers from the answer sheet, tick mark the correct ones, and study them as notes.

It may help you in  Entrance Preparation and to build the concept while practising the model papers.

For Chemistry and Its “Miracles”, build the idea.

On our view, For Entrance Preparation Chemistry is totally a miracle subject. Its exceptions and challenges are not limited as in TVF’s Web-Series “Kota Factory”. It was a part of a joke for entertainment only.

Well, first study non-organic (industrial), metals, non-metals their ores, reactions, etc., and then only start organic chemistry.

This will start building an idea of studying chemistry and will not make you feel bored and lazy. Because first, a good and interesting mind makeup for chemistry will be needed.

For Mathematics, Be “Sherlock Holmes”, practice more.

It is not necessary to provide you with tips on mathematics for Entrance Preparation. Since it is a base of engineering and it’s non -explainable.

Study, study, and study mathematics with the syllabus and estimate the time along with the practice.

Important notes and chapters like Complex numbers should not be complex for you. Anyways, study smart and practice well.

In mathematics, answers to the questions are not important during your preparation, but understanding the concept behind it will take you to the correct answers.

Finally, When Exams are Near, revise all.

For those students, who study a lot for Entrance Preparation, their syllabus is never completed, they say.

We understand that studying smart and practising well, remembering the necessary formula and principles behind them, and successfully applying them to get answers is the completion of the whole syllabus. This can take less time for those who implemented it.

Also, If the exams are near to one week left of Entrance Preparation, and you have not understood some of the topics properly then it is better to skip the chapter and be confident in all other chapters that you prepared.

Practice applying those understandings carefully, so that no confusion and doubts are left on your mind.

At the IOE’s Computer Based Entrance Exams

It is your choice to start answering from any subject. We recommend you start from those subjects, you started preparing at home during  Entrance Preparation.

It’s fresh in mind and there are no hesitations. If you didn’t plan well, then you may say “I had studied best but couldn’t give my best”.

And you stay at your hope for the result. That’s not really good. You studied well and you must do good.

Always remember “Exams are not for attending all the questions, but they are for attempting a maximum number of questions.” The attempt might not be right always, that’s the exception.

We wish your exam to be all the BEST.

Practice, Eat healthy, sleep early.

Consider taking breaks every hour you study.

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