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IOE Entrance Exam Result 2077 of B.E. (2021 A.D.) is published after the IOE Entrance for 2077 was conducted. The number of students Passing the IOE  (B.E. /B. Arch.) is 6725 out of 12000+ participants.

Download the IOE Entrance Result 2077 pdf from below. IOE entrance result 2077 rank wise and non-rank wise is in the table below. IOE has published the result of 2077  without marks.

IOE Entrance Result 2077 :

IOE Entrance Result 2077 Link File
IOE Bachelor (B.E./B.Arch.) entrance result in 2077 PDF Download .pdf
IOE Bachelor (BE/Arch.) Entrance Result 2077 Rank Wise Download .pdf

This result of IOE is of IOE entrance 2077. Do not worry if you are not enlisted in IOE entrance result 2077. The competition is not finished here. There are so many colleges except the ones which are TU affiliated to study engineering.

If you are keen on engineering study, you can study the Pokhara University, Purwanchal University, Mid-Western University, Far-Western University-affiliated, constituent colleges. They have got scholarship programs too.

Check the respective websites for the universities to know when they will publish the entrance exam notice. For now, IOE entrance results in 2077 download from the above table.

Pokhara University Entrance Exam:

If you have already applied for the B.E. program at Pokhara University and waiting for the IOE entrance exam 2077 result. Do your best in the entrance exam.

After you get the required rank for your chosen program, apply for it and start studying. Engineering is all about skill and passion. So university doesn’t matter in most cases.

If you have not applied for the Pokhara University entrance exam but are interested, don’t panic as Pokhara University has a slightly different system for joining PU-based colleges. You can study in private affiliated colleges of Pokhara University.

Pokhara University Affiliated Colleges:

If you’re thinking of studying in PU-affiliated private colleges in Kathmandu, get ready for the private entrance. Some colleges have already taken the entrance.

But in most of the cases, seats remain vacant as few of them join and few of them plan to go abroad and some of them halt for attempting entrance again next year at TU IOE entrance, and the cycle repeats.

Vacant Seats at IOE:

So, the seats are empty in most of the PU colleges for different programs. You can grab the opportunity. You can apply in any of them. This is possible only if you are willing to pay the full fee in the respective colleges. There is no scholarship.

Scholarship in Pokhara University:

For the scholarship program, one must be from the category the Pokhara University points like a national player, passed from government high school, and another quota. The scholarship exam is separate for those who deserve the scholarship program.

We will update you about the colleges and seats soon. You can contact us if you have any problems regarding admission procedures and college selection.

Admission date of 2077:

Now for those who are enlisted in IOE entrance result 2077, Admissions will start only after the 5th of Falgun, 2077 according to the notice of IOE that came attached with the entrance result of 2077/2021. The notice can be seen from the bottom of this page.

The IOE entrance result 2077 with marks can get from the IOE Entrance  Examination Department office. The TU board will instruct the IOE colleges and affiliated colleges to carry out the admission process following the procedures.

Things To Do after IOE entrance result 2077 :

1. Know the colleges of IOE

2. Visit the college virtually through websites

3. Know the environment and facilities

4. Understand the pre-requisites you must have before joining

5. Carefully understand the needs/your choice you have for joining college.

6. Don’t follow the rumours from other people until u research yourself.

Rest of the things you will feel and observe after you join.  First of all, observe your choices of colleges and engineering programs. Then inspect whether you are able to study and enrol in the college of your choice based on cutoff ranks and rank you obtained. Trust your instinct and choose the suitable engineering skill for you.

When was IOE entrance result published?

IOE entrance examination result of 2077 was published on 29 Magh 2077 or 11 February 2021.

What is the full marks of IOE?

The full marks of IOE entrance examination is 140 marks.

What is the full marks of IOE?

The pass marks of IOE entrance examination is around 55 marks.

How can I get admission in Pulchowk?

You  can get admission in Pulchowk if and only if, you get the rank for the program you wish to study there. Your obtained rank depend upon the marks you obtained. Your obtained marks depend upon the hard work you did. So, study hard and get good marks. Good marks always bring good rank. 

Similarly, if you are alloted under a different quota like as I have explained in my post that you must deserve.

Tapendra Pandey
Tapendra Pandey is a content creator at and he is pursuing Bachelor's Degree In Computer Engineering From Institute of Engineering (IOE) Nepal under Tribhuvan University (TU).

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