How to fill priority form for B.E./B.Arch IOE admission?

Easy tips for what to do after getting your name of B.E./B.Arch Entrance Result

How to fill priority form for B.E./B.Arch IOE?

If your name is enlisted in the result, then you are able to study engineering in the TU affiliated colleges. Passing the entrance and getting enlisted is one part. Now you have to consider choosing the college where you want to study and choosing the engineering field which you like. Go through the post below for the guidelines if you don’t know the procedures or have no knowledge about what to do after getting enlisted.

  • Your chance of studying the selected engineering programs depends upon the seats the colleges provide for respective engineering programs. You can view the seats available here.
  • Regarding Central Campus i.e. Pulchowk Campus, Comparing your secured rank and the cutoff ranks mentioned here can help you to determine which engineering program you are likely to get to study.
  • Check the websites of the colleges you like to study. They have declared the admission open for the students after  7th Falgun .

Official websites to contact for constituent governmental colleges are as follows:

A) Pulchowk Campus:

B) Thapathali Campus:

C) Purwanchal Campus:

D) Paschimanchal Campus:

E) Chitwan Engineering Campus:

Admission portals are here:

Pulchowk Campus, Lalitpur :

Paschimanchal Campus, Pokhara :

Purwanchal Campus, Dharan :

Thapathali Campus, Kathmandu:

Chitwan Engineering Campus, Chitwan :

Go through the notice clearly and apply within the mentioned time.

  • The notice mentions the respective bank you have to go to for applying for the respective college. You can apply for more than one engineering program respective college and you get to study only one program depending upon the priority you give to the program.
  • You have to fill priority form. You get to choose priority for different programs i.e. 1,2,3 and so on.
  • For one engineering program, you have two choices i.e. regular or full fee. For example,            1.Civil(Regular) ,2.Civil(Full Fee),3.Computer (Regular), 4. Computer (Full Fee), and so on. It becomes better if you get to study in regular i.e. full scholarship.
  • Choosing priority will help you get enrolled in the engineering program of your choice. If the college can’t provide the program you chose and kept as the first priority as the seats were occupied by the students with good rank than yours.
  • The higher the rank you have secured it becomes easier for you to get engineering programs of your choice.
  • After you fill in the priority, the college will publish its first admission list based on the priority of students.
  • If all the students in the first admission list don’t admit in the required time, then seats may remain vacant, now the college publishes the second admission list and gives the chance to students who couldn’t get listed in the first admission list. But to get your name on the next admission list, you must have to fill up the form and bank voucher again.
  • Let us take an example, College A has 2 seats for Civil engineering and  1 seat for Chemical engineering.

4 students(Ram, Shyam, Rajesh, Karan) fill the priority as:

Ram(Ranked:45): Priority 1= Civil Engineering

Shyam (Ranked:46): Priority 1= Civil, Priority 2=Chemical

Karan(Ranked:47): Priority 1=Civil, Priority 2=Chemical

Rajesh(Ranked: 48):  Priority 1=Civil, Priority2=Chemical

Seeing the ranks and priority campus publishes the Ist admission list. Here Ram and Shyam will get to study Civil engineering. Whereas Karan gets to study Chemical engineering. While Rajesh gets to study none as seats have been occupied and his rank is less than the others. Now Rajesh goes to the bank and applies if he gets to be listed in the second admission list.

  • In some circumstances, Shyam may not admit into college. Then college A has vacant seats and publishes another admission list as second admission list which includes Rajesh who gets to study Civil engineering.
  • So for more students, there will be more admission lists. Last year the list went up to the 10th admission list.
  • If your rank is close to cutoff rank and you don’t get listed in the Ist admission list, don’t panic you may get listed in another one. So fill-up the form again and have patience. A college admission list can reach up to 10th, So keep applying.
  • Do not make any mistakes while filling up the form and keep track of the last dates and fill the form on the time.
  • If you are listed in an admission list for a college and forget to admit to the college or your admission date due goes off then there is no chance for you to get listed in the same college again in the next admission list.
  • And a thing to consider, if you get seats in full fee while the ranks lower than yours get seats in regular based upon your priority choosing, then based on rank you can be shifted to regular after admission.

Good luck to each and every student who went through this post and contact us if any queries and confusion through the comment section.

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