All IPO Result Nepal (2021/2078): Updated [Latest]

IPO Result in Nepal opens always after the IPO allotment program is completed successfully. The IPO allotment programme is also called the IPO result day.

Results of IPO in Nepal (2021/2078)

These are the list of IPO results that are published as well as in the phase of publishing in Nepal. After the successful issuance of IPO in Nepal, the result gets published. These result publishing dates are collected and are listed below.

IPO Company NameResult DateWebsites
Samling Power Company IPO Result Check (2078/2021)16 Kartik 2078Check Now
Madhya Bhotekoshi Hydropower IPO Result Date For General Public 2078/202112 Kartik 2078Check Now
Nyadi Hydropower Limited IPO Result Date for General Public [2021/2078]05 Kartik 2078Check Now
Buddha Bhumi Nepal HydroPower IPO for General Public Result Date (2078/2021)22 Ashoj 2078Check Now
Samling Power Company IPO Result for Locals (2078/2021)20 Ashoj 2078Check Now
Sahas Urja Company Limited IPO Result Date [2078/2021]17 Ashoj 2078Check Now
Nyadi HydroPower IPO Result Date Locals (2078/2021)06 Ashoj 2078Check Now
Buddha Bhumi Nepal HydroPower IPO Result Date Locals (2078/2021) 31 Bhadra 2078Check Now
Terhathum Hydropower Company IPO Result (2021/2078) 25 Bhadra 2078Check Now
Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha IPO Result (2021/2078) 7 Bhadra 2078Check Now
Sanima Life Insurance IPO Result Date 2021 (2078) 30 Shrawan 2078Check Now
Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO Result 2021 (2078) 26 Shrawan 2078Check Now
Union Life Insurance Company Limited IPO Result 2021(2078) 31 Ashad 2078Check Now
Manakamana Smart Laghubitta IPO Result 2021 (2078) 28 Ashad 2078Check Now
Jeevan Bikas Laghunitta IPO Result 2021 (2078) 23 Ashad 2078Check Now

IPO Result Publication Method in Nepal

There are various steps of IPO result publication. They are as:

  1. Pre-allotment  Programme/Day
  2. Allotment Day/Result Day
  3. Result Publication Time

Pre-Allotment Programme or day is the time when the Issue manager concludes that the data of all the allottees and participants are obtained and refined with some sort of rule/algorithm. After that, the BOIDs are ready for the allotment and listed in allottees and eligible lists. It is the initial day after the IPO is closed and the start of allotment day.

Allotment Day/Result Day is the time when all the pre-allotment programme is completed and the conclusion is on the behalf of the resulting participants. Then the data is provided to the IPO opening company and other governing bodies. The collective process is conducted with the group of members from all respective companies with the reporters and journalists.

Result Publication Time is the crucial part of the IPO result duration. At this time, the result gets published on a physical paper and data basis. this physical data is now entered in the database of CDSC as well as on the Issue managers database if needed. This makes us easier to check our results via online platforms of Mero-share like and Issue manager’s website.

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Check IPO Result in Nepal

IPO results can be checked easily in Nepal in main 3 ways. It is very easy to check IPO allotment results in Nepal. This can be done from:

  1. Mero share IPO result portal.
  2. Issue/Sales Manager company’s Website
  3. Websites that provide result services

IPO result in Nepal from Mero share Result Portal. We can check IPO results from the CDS result website portal in 5 steps easily. The efficient way to check IPO result from the Mero shares IPO result portal follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the CDS and Clearing Limited website.
  2. Select Company where you applied your IPO.
  3. Enter your 16-digit BOID (Demat number).
  4. Click on View Result.
  5. See the Message below the button.
  6. Congratulations Allotted!!! Allotted quantity: (XXXX) is for successfully allotted.
  7. Sorry, not allotted for the entered BOID for unsuccessful allocation of IPO units.
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