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Quiz Application for MCQ: This application “Lokearn” is an app that has a collection of a number of different types of quizzes like technical, games, sports, etc. A user can access/play all of the quizzes and can attempt any of the ones. Click the icon to download APP.
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Lokearn App

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There will be a limited number of questions and for each correct answer, user will get a credit score. Users can see answers as well as can ask a query related to it.

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Application for MCQ: Lokearn

There are many quiz applications available currently on the internet. But there are few Which provide better understanding between users and the application, providing proper answers, user query solving, uploading user questions as well as the answer to them, etc.
To develop a user-friendly quiz application which will contain: The number of quiz ,
Answers to every question, Query solving regarding any question, Uploading of user questions and answers, and improve the knowledge level of users.
To develop an application which will contain solutions to the above problems. With this application, the user will come to know about his/her level and can learn additional knowledge. Also by this application, a user can expand his/her knowledge of the world