Merolagani News for IPO Share 2021

Merolagani news is a Nepal-based website that provides live stock quotes, news, announcements, Annual and Quarterly reports, and analysis and provides portfolio management tools.

What is Merolagani News:

Merolagani news presents a Portfolio tracker specially designed for Nepali needs. It allows you to track all your investments and make you aware of all your gains and losses. You can create your own watchlist for the stocks that you are interested in.


Watchlists let you track the stocks even if they are not in your portfolio. You can set up alerts for every price change in the stocks in your watchlist and get SMS alerts and Email notifications. A single account can manage multiple portfolios.

merolagani news

Features of Merolagani News:

Merolagani news is developed and run by Asterisk Technology Pvt. Ltd. Asterisk technology is an IT company promoted to build systems for the Nepalese capital market. The company has been in operations since September 2011.

Data Analytics

Merolagani Data Analytics Is A Revolutionary Product That Combines Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, And Floorsheet Analysis To Give Investors Detailed Insight Into A Stock, Which Will Ultimately Help Investors Make Better BUY /SELL Decisions.

Merolagani Newsletter

Weekly And Daily Summary Report Made By Merolagani Technical Analyst Team To Help Investors Make BUY | SELL | HOLD Strategies.


Online Utility That Helps To Track All Investments And Make Investors Aware Of Their Gains And Losses.

Technical Data

MetaStock Contains Powerful Technical Analysis Tools To Help You Make Informed Decisions About What To Buy And Sell And When To Execute To Make The Most Profitable Trade Possible.

SMS Alerts

This Service Is For Getting Share Market Alerts In Your SMS.


Merolagani Podcast. A Digital Audio Merolagani Latest Series.

Online Stock Training

Stock Training Video Podcast.

Mega Offer

Mega Offers are also available In Merolagani.

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