Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO Date for Public

Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO is a hydropower company in Nepal. It has opened an IPO of  35,25,930 units. Sunrise Capital Limited has been appointed as an issue manager.

The SEBON must approve the company to sell its shares to the public. Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO has appointed Mega Capital Limited as the issue and sales manager.

Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO Date for Public:

Nepal Republic Media Limited floated the IPO shares to the general public from Baisakh 19, 2080 BS. The IPO issue closed on Baisakh 24, 2080 BS due to the over-subscription of shares. Nepal Republic Media Limited sold 35,25,930 units of shares of IPO. You can see the details of this IPO:

IPO Company Nepal Republic Media Limited
Issue Manager Mega Capital Limited
Security Type Common Stock -IPO
IPO Issued Date 2080-02-26 to 2080-02-30
Per Unit Share Price Rs. 100
Total Units 35,25,930 units

Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO Result Date:

The initial public offering IPO result of Sanima Life Insurance will be published on Jestha 2080 after the allotment is completed.

IPO Information Nepal Republic Media Limited
Result Date 2080 Jestha
Result Link Meroshare

After the IPO is issued by the issue manager, investors subscribe to the required units using their Meroshare account. After that, the issue manager starts another major step i.e. preparation for allotment and publication of IPO result.

Latest IPO Result in Nepal:

After the IPO is issued by the issue manager, investors subscribe to the required units using their Meroshare account. 

After that, the issue manager starts another major step i.e. preparation for allotment and publication of IPO result.

The IPO allotment day is declared by the issue manager joint committee in Nepal. Once the date for allotment is at the final stage, they publish a notice regarding it.

On the allotment day, the issue manager carries out all the internal tasks such as preparing the subscriber lists, approved lists, and rejected lists.

However, these lists are not still the final allotment results. After the allotment day, a result day is also declared. 

On the result day, the issue manager sets an allotment programme at the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON). On that day, many investors are present there along with the committee of issue managers and other officials.

They conduct the allotment programme and finally conclude the allotment by picking up the balls. An allotment is done in Round-Robin (RR) fashion.

In Nepal, the allotment result is finalised by getting 9 small tennis balls. Then they are Numbered 1 to 9. 

They are kept in a box or bucket /bin. Shuffled randomly and anonymously picked up without seeing or choosing them specifically.

The ball that is picked up randomly for allottees is considered as allotted. The rest of the investors in Nepal are not allotted. After allotment is completed, the result can be checked using in Nepal. 

IPO Allotment Process of Nepal:

The result of allotment is also available on the dashboard of meroshare individually. If you see the application report, you can see whether you are allotted or not.

For those who are allotted, they are officially charged usually 1000 rupees i.e. the net value of allotted units.

The result takes around 1 hour to be visible on the official website. It is a bit slower process. Please don’t be worried if you don’t see the name of your IPO on the result dropdown list.

For example: if an IPO allotment is completed at 9:00 AM in the morning, then the result will be available via their website from around 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM or sometimes at 11:00 AM.

For those investors who are not allotted, their amount is freed/ released. Although, the C-ASBA and ASBA charge is deducted from those both investors who are allotted and not allotted.

In this case, many investors have protested and asked not to allow the deductions until and unless the IPO is allotted. They asked the banks and ASBA members to deduct the amount of Rs 5 as an ASBA charge only from the allotted members.

IPO Rejected in Meroshare:

There are various reasons that your IPO application may be rejected on Meroshare. Some of the major reasons are listed below:

  1. Insufficient balance on the account
  2. Applying from two accounts at the same time
  3. Mismatched CRN numbers
  4. Wrong details on the meroshare accounts.


A meroshare is both web and application-based investing platform and product to apply for IPO, mutual funds and debentures or bonds developed by CDSC Nepal for public investors in Nepal.

Latest IPO Result of Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO:

An IPO that has completed its allotment process will publish the result for allotted and not allotted investors. You can check your IPO result easily via this website by visiting this link.

Check the IPO Result of Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO (Meroshare ):

IPO result in Nepal from Mero share Result Portal. We can check IPO results from the CDS result website portal in 5 steps easily. The easiest way to check IPO results from Meroshare is by following the below steps.

  1. Go to the
  2. Select Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO.
  3. Enter your 16-digit BOID (Demat number).
  4. Click on View Result.
  5. See the Message below the button.
  6. Congratulations Allotted!!! Allotted quantity: (XXXX) is for successfully allotted.
  7. Sorry, not allotted for the entered BOID for the unsuccessful allocation of IPO units

Check Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO Results:

Checking the IPO results of the Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO in Nepal after allotment is completed by the issue manager is an easy task. 

It is only a little slower as the result cannot be checked as soon as the allotment is completed.

The result takes some minutes to be available. Till then you can understand, how can you see your allotment status.


What is the IPO result of Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO?

Answer: The result of Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO has been published on Jestha 2080. Now you can check its result from this allotment page provided by Meroshare.

How can I check my IPO results fast in Nepal?

Answer: You can check your IPO result in Nepal as fast as you can around 1 hour or 30 minutes minimum. As this process is manual and tedious, it takes time for IT officers to upload the result.

How can I know my IPO result date in Nepal?

Answer: The best, easiest and most reliable way of knowing the IPO result date in Nepal is by following the easy tips tutorial Facebook page. Other than this you can also check the IPO result section of our website.

How can I check my IPO result in Meroshare?

Answer: You can check your IPO result in Meroshare as well. For that, you can visit the meroshare website, log in with your username and password and then navigate to the My ASBA section and check the application report.

What is the opening range of Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO?

Answer: As the result has been published recently, it takes time to be available on the website. After the allotment process, the IPO has to be listed in NEPSE to get its opening range, after that only we can know the opening range of any IPO or share.

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