Nepali e-passport 2078/2021

Nepal has recently started a new electronic and digital passport in Nepal. It has issued new ordinary passports for Nepalese people beating foreign countries. The difference between an old passport and a new passport is that the cover colour has been replaced with chocolatey for the green one.

Nepali e-passport 2078

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The significant change in the passport is that the pages that were of paper are now converted into polycarbonate chip best technology. This can help people visit foreign countries for immigration and security purposes.

New Nepali e-passport 2021

The sample photograph of the new passport is given below. Lastly, e-passport is now secure.

Nepali e-passport

Does Nepal have an e-passport?

Yes, Nepal has issued a new technology chip-based e-passport for the first time in 2021. This year the old MRP paper-based passport is being discontinued gradually.

Nepalese e-passport

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