Do I need to buy a 4G VoLTE pack in NTC?

4G VoLTE on NTC: 4G VoLTE (Voice over LTE) in NTC is an advanced technology that delivers crystal clear voice quality over voice calls while calling from  NTC 4G Network. VoLTE in the NTC network provides HD Voice Quality calls over the voice calls.

This technology is able to provide you HD quality voice calls by using the 4G network. Since it uses a 4G network, it doesn’t require an additional data pack. It simply works on the normal voice call as well as the voice pack.

Need of 4G VoLTE:

4G VoLTE in NTC provides us with the experience of ultra-clear voice quality with reduced background noise. Conversations between you will sound more natural, almost as if the person at the other end of the phone call is right next to you. 

Earlier, 4G in NTC used to drop to 2G or 3G when a phone call arrived. Now, with VoLTE, you can use 4G speed internet even while being on a phone call.

Features of 4G VoLTE in NTC:

  • You can use 4G internet and HD voice calls at the same time without disturbance.
  • (HD) High-definition sound quality when calling another VoLTE-enabled smartphone.
  • Faster call and clear voice quality.
  • With more advanced technology, customers can have access to next-generation services.


Which areas of Nepal support NTC 4G VoLTE?

NTC 4G VoLTE is active in all areas of Nepal where 4G internet is working fine.

Is NTC 4G VoLTE for all types of mobile phone users?

No, NTC 4G VoLTE is for smartphone and iOS users. It is not available for bar phone users because NTC 4G VoLTE needs a 4G Network to support VoLTE calls. NTC is testing for bar phones too.

How to activate 4G in NTC sim?

If you haven’t activated NTC 4G yet, you can activate 4G in NTC SIM from your phone. To activate 4G in your NTC sim, just dial *444# and send 1.

How to activate 4G VoLTE on NTC?

To use NTC VoLTE, your smartphone must support VoLTE. VoLTE can be activated in an NTC SIM card if you have already activated NTC 4G. To activate VoLTE in your NTC SIM card, just dial *444# and send 2.

How to get 100 minutes free 4G VoLTE voice pack on NTC?

Dial *111# and send 1 to get 100 minutes free 4G VoLTE voice calls which are valid for 28 days on NTC to NTC VoLTE enabled smartphones.

Do I need to buy a separate smartphone to use 4G VoLTE on NTC?

If you’re currently using a smartphone that supports the VoLTE network, then you need not buy a separate newer updated smartphone of any brand that supports VoLTE.

Do I need to buy a separate NTC SIM card to use 4G VoLTE on NTC?

Check if your SIM supports 4G by dialling *444#. If  4G is activated fine, you can use 4G VoLTE on the same SIM card without changing. Else, you need to visit the NT office to upgrade it to 4G.

Which smartphones support 4G VoLTE on NTC?

NTC has listed some smartphone models of different brands that support VoLTE in Nepal. Those models are new and updated to the latest hardware and firmware. They are Samsung, MI, and Nokia.

You need not be worried if your handset is not yet mentioned in this list. They are working with all handset suppliers to bring VoLTE support to your phone soon.


Galaxy M01s, Galaxy M02, Galaxy M02s, Galaxy M11, Galaxy M12, Galaxy M21, Galaxy M30s, Galaxy M31, Galaxy A12, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A70, Galaxy A70s, Galaxy A71, Galaxy A72, Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 ultra, Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold2.


Redmi 9 Prime, Mi10, Redmi 9C, Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi 8A.


Nokia 5.3, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 3.4

But if you didn’t find your smartphone model listed above, check and see if your smartphone supports VoLTE.

How do I check whether my phone has 4G LTE or 4G VoLTE support?

Different smartphones have different codes for checking their VoLTE service. For some smartphone brands, you can see below.


Dial *#*#86583#*#*

You can see a small toast message below saying “VoLTE carrier check was disabled”.

You will see a VoLTE icon appear on Network signals.


Open the Settings app 

Tap on Connections. 

Tap on Mobile networks. 

Toggle on VoLTE calls.

Other Smartphones

You can simply dial *#*#4636#*#* 

Choose Phone information. 

Click ” Phone Information” and 

Toggle VOLTE Provisioned.

How much does the 4G VoLTE service cost on NTC?

NTC does not charge an extra additional cost for 4G VoLTE service. 4G VoLTE is another free service of the NTC for its valuable customers.

Is there a 4G VoLTE pack in NTC?

No, there is no such separate VoLTE pack in NTC. You can use your existing normal voice call pack for using 4G VoLTE in NTC.

How to buy a 4G VoLTE pack in NTC?

You need not buy any extra pack for VoLTE in NTC. Your normal voice pack will work for 4G VoLTE on NTC.

Do I need to buy a data pack to use 4G VoLTE on NTC?

No, you need not buy any data pack for VoLTE in NTC. You can use VoLTE as a normal voice call or buy a normal voice pack that will work for 4G VoLTE on NTC.

Will 4G VoLTE of NTC work on nighttime calls?

Yes, 4G VoLTE on NTC will work the same as the daytime calls. In fact, you can call on hourly packs or unlimited as your wish.

Will 4G VoLTE of NTC work on night unlimited calls?

Yes, 4G VoLTE on NTC will work the same as the daytime unlimited calls. In fact, you can call easily without any charges and barriers with the same voice pack with a high-quality voice.

Will 4G VoLTE of NTC work on an unlimited call pack?

Yes, 4G VoLTE on NTC will work the same as the normal voice calls on unlimited voice call packs.

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