NTC E-Mailed Apple’s CEO Tim Cook urging to Open VoLTE on iPhones.

NTC 4G VoLTE on iPhones: Nepal Telecom on Monday launched the first-of-its-kind voice service, VoLTE, based on 4G technology in Nepal. Many Telecom customers could not participate in the test, which was open to all users.

NTC 4G VoLTE Supporting Devices:

On Monday, Nepal Telecom released a list of three different brands of phones that can use the service. According to the list, users of Samsung, Xiaomi and Nokia will also be able to avail this service from Telecom.

Many Nepal Telecom (NTC) users waiting for the VoLTE test tried repeatedly on Monday but failed. According to the NT, more than 137,000 people activated VoLTE on their mobiles in just two days of the trial. But only more than 15,000 people have received the VOLTE package including free calls.


NTC 4G VoLTE on iPhone Devices:

Among them are iPhone users. According to StatCounter, 7.73 per cent of the total mobile users in Nepal use iPhones. But the timing of iPhone users using Nepal Telecom’s VoLTE facility is still uncertain.

iPhone users in Nepal have not been able to avail of this facility as the iPhone does not provide a VoLTE facility for 800 MHz frequency under 20 bands. That’s why the NT wrote an email to Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook on Sunday urging the band to open VoLTE.

Response from Apple for NTC 4G VoLTE:

“Apple had responded positively to the previous email from Telecom,” said Dilli Adhikari, managing director of the company. “We also sent an email on Sunday with the information that the service is being tested in Nepal.” ”

Earlier, when the 4G service was launched in Nepal, iPhone users were not able to use it at the beginning. Telecom had written a formal letter to the iPhone requesting that the service be ‘enabled’ in Nepal. Only then did 4G open its way to the iPhone.

NTC 4G VoLTE on Other Smartphones:

Apart from the iPhone, the NTC has already requested Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, OnePlus, Realmeal and other mobile manufacturers in Nepal to manage the system to use the VoLTE service, the official said.

He said that all of them except Oppo have given positive feedback and signalled to open soon.

NTC 4G VoLTE on Made in India devices:

Especially in India, only 4G service can be used on 850 MHz mobile phones, so there was a problem in using 4G on many mobiles. The official said that the NTC has been repeatedly trying to open VOLTE services with this problem.

According to him, all these companies have been requested to open VOLTE in their mobiles by 2018. He said that by doing so, VoLTE can be opened by updating the Android operating system and the company’s customers can avail of the service from the current mobile.

NTC 4G VoLTE supported Bands:

The VoLTE service, which Telecom has started testing, can only be used on 800 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies. Out of that, the NTC has focused on 800 MHz frequency for rural users.

The official said that the frequency was used as it would be accessible over long distances. That is why the NTC has urged customers to buy only mobiles that can run frequencies of both the bands to available 4G and VoLTE services.

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