Online Driving License Nepal Form Date [2022/2078]

A driving License in Nepal is an identification card that is proof of being eligible for driving bikes, cars, buses, tractors, trucks and other vehicles which run in Nepal. When you have a license, you become an authorized person to drive on the road legally. It is an essential document for the citizens of Nepal.

Importance of Driving License in Nepal

There are many advantages and importance of having a driving license in Nepal:

  • A driving licence in Nepal is a permit to drive a specified category of vehicle on the road, i.e a two-wheeler, four-wheeler or a commercial vehicle as well, within territorial boundaries.
  • Your Driving licence is an official document that the Government of Nepal issued to you to drive your car, truck, bus, bike, et all.
  • It authorizes or clearly dictates that the owner knows how to drive the vehicle and has undergone tests that abide by the traffic rules and regulations.
  • Driving brings comfort and convenience in our life but it should not cause any damage to any third party.
  • When you are a mature adult above 18 years of age you are eligible to get a driving licence.
  • Anyone below the age of 18 does not get permission to drive. In case of a violation, the parents of the candidate can be legally held liable.

Department of Transportation Management Nepal (DoTM Nepal)

Method of Applying for Driving License in Nepal
Method of Applying for Driving License in Nepal

The Department of Transportation Management Nepal (DoTM) is responsible for the management of driving licenses in Nepal. They provide driving license in Nepal on the basis of the written examination and the

Method of Applying for Driving License in Nepal

There are mainly two methods of acquiring a driving license in Nepal. One is by applying offline form and another is registering from the online form provided on DoTM Website.

  1. Online Driving Form Registration in Nepal
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