Pokhara University Entrance Result 2077

Pokhara University Entrance Result: Pokhara University (PU) entrance examinations results for 2077 is published today. Total 1107 students Passed SOE/PU  B.E.  Entrance Exam 2077 out of 1700+ participants.

Do not worry if you are not enlisted in PU entrance exam result 2077. The competition is not finished here.

Pokhara University Entrance Result 2077

There are so many colleges except the Central College which is affiliated with Pokhara University to study engineering.

If you are keen on engineering study, you can study the  Pokhara University, Purwanchal University, Mid-Western University, Far-Western University-affiliated, constituent colleges. They have got scholarship programs too.

Check the respective websites for the universities to know when they will publish the entrance exam notice.

If you have already applied for the B.E. program at Pokhara University and you successfully got enlisted.

Do your best in the entrance exam. After you get the required rank for your chosen program, apply for it and start studying.

Result of Pokhara University Entrance 2077

Engineering is all about skill and passion. So university doesn’t matter in most cases.

If you have not applied for the PU entrance exam or the luck didn’t favour you but you are interested, don’t panic as Pokhara University-based colleges have a slightly different system for joining PU-based colleges.

You can study in private affiliated colleges of Pokhara University without passing the entrance exam of Pokhara University. But you must appear in the internal entrance exam of the particular college and pass it.

If you’re thinking of studying in PU-affiliated private colleges in Kathmandu, get ready for the private entrance. Some colleges have already taken the entrance.

PU Scholarship Program 2022

But in most of the cases, seats remain vacant as few of them join and few of them plan to go abroad and some of them halt for attempting entrance again next year at TU, IOE, and the cycle repeats.

So, the seats are empty in most of the PU-affiliated colleges for different programs. You can grab the opportunity. You can apply in any of them. This is possible only if you are willing to pay the full fee in the respective colleges.

There is no full scholarship scheme for it but can grab a special discount on either admission fee or tuition fees that the college arranges for you based on your college entrance result.

For the scholarship program, one must be from the category the PU requires like a national player, passed from government high school, and another quota. The scholarship exam is separate for those who deserve the scholarship program.

We will update you about the colleges and seats soon. You can comment below if you have any problems regarding admission procedures and college selection or any confusion regarding joining PU-based colleges in Kathmandu.

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Things To Do :

1. Know the affiliated colleges of PU in Kathmandu

2. Visit the college virtually through websites or physically if possible following the Covid-19 Community Health Guidelines issued by Government.

3. Know the environment and facilities

4. Understand the pre-requisites you must have before joining.

5. Carefully understand the needs/your choice you have for joining college.

6. Don’t follow the rumour from other people until u research yourself.

Rest of the things you will feel and observe after you join.

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