Preparing for +2 Entrance Exams of NEB: How to Get Confidence?

The +2 Entrance Exams for courses in Science, Management, and Humanities of most of the good colleges in Kathmandu Valley vary in their structure, duration, and content.

Their length is normally limited to 100 Multiple Choice Questions –MCQs – though the time allotted could be from 75 to 120 minutes. The coverage of topic areas in different subjects may vary from college to college. Significantly, a mastery of MCQs is the key to success!

Preparing Yourself:

The venues of the tests are selected by the respective institutions. Students are advised to be absolutely clear about which +2 course they would like to do depending on their area of interest or need. How to crack the +2 Entrance Exam of NEB?

Students should carefully consider the options available to them in terms of the colleges they would like to or could join.

  • Entrance tests need solid and timely preparation. So, remember these steps:
  • Start preparing early instead of waiting till the last few days.
  • Give time to master the subject matter and question types.
  • Work regularly, systematically, and hard.
  • Collect sample entrance test papers provided by different colleges.
  • See past question papers of the colleges you are interested to join.
  • Be clear about the format and content of the exams.
  • Consult relevant textbooks and reference material.
  • Concentrate on learning how to answer MCQs effectively.

Doing Your Best:

As a rule, such exams, including the NEB scholarship tests for students from either private or community schools, are held ONLY after the publication of the SEE results.

  • To prepare for a multiple-choice exam, consider the following steps:
  • Begin studying as early as feasible alone or in a group.
  • Multiple choice exams with MCQs tend to focus on memorizing details.
  • Learn a little bit each day and allow plenty of time for repeated reviews.
  • Pay particular attention to fundamental terms and concepts.
  • Study your class notes and assigned readings
  • Make further notes and lists or tables.
  • Brainstorm possible questions with other students doing these exams.
  • Practice on a sample or likely questions.
  • Study carefully & systematically before the actual exams.

During the Exams:

Keep in mind these steps for all exams:

  • Pacing is what matters.
  • Survey the entire test or exam quickly.
  • Answer the questions you find easy.
  • Do the questions you have left out.
  • Finish in time.

Acing the Practice Tests:

The following steps will help in doing the Practice Tests in this Book properly:

  • Enter all the required information – name/ID number – on the answer sheet.
  • Read the directions carefully.
  • Jot down important formulas and mnemonics you might forget.
  • Survey the test.
  • Note whether some sections are worth more points than others.
  • Plan using your time accordingly.
  • Skip questions that take long to answer and come back to them later.
  • Use the process of elimination to eliminate wrong choices.
  • Guessing is useful when you exhaust all other strategies.
  • Utilize hints from questions you know to answer dissimilar MCQs.
  • Remember that you are looking for the best answer.
  • Note that the answer is always there in the choices.
  • Change your answer only when you have a concrete reason.
  • Keep in mind that often first choices turn out to be right.
  • Remember positive choices are more likely to be true than negative ones.
  • Remember correct answers are often choices with the most information.
  • Fill the right bubbles or boxes for choices carefully on the answer sheet.
  • Use the remaining time to check careless errors or double-check answers.
  • Ensure you answer every MCQ to the best of your knowledge.
  • Ascertain the reasons for errors you make in our 5 Practice Tests.
Ashok Nath
Ashok Nath
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