Monday, July 26, 2021

Quota in Civil & Rural Engineering of Pokhara University

Quota in Civil & Rural Engineering of Pokhara University: BE Civil & Rural in Pokhara University is another program that comes under the Science and Technology faculty. The program BE Civil and BE Civil & Rural are two different programs running at Pokhara University. Clearly, It is also a popular program and choice of most of the students in Nepal. Pokhara University has allocated the quota for the deserving students and those who compete and complete the requirements needed for the BE Civil & Rural quota in Pokhara University. The quota for BE Civil & Rural program at Pokhara University are:

S.N. College Name College Type Location District Program Quota
1 School Of Engineering Constituent Khudi, Dhungepatan Kaski BE Civil & Rural 9
2 Nepal Engineering College Affiliated Changunarayan Bhaktapur BE Civil & Rural 5
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