River Falls Power Limited IPO Date (For Local) Open From 27 Chaitra 2078

River Falls Power Limited is going to open the issue and sale of ordinary shares (IPO) for the locals affected by the project from 27 Chaitra 2078 to 11 Baishak 2079.

The issued capital of the company will be 10 per cent of Rs. 700 million with a face value of Rs. 100 per share. In addition, the shares allotted for the locals of the project affected areas will be sold to the general public (including collective investment funds and employees) by adjusting the equivalent shares if not sold.

River Falls Power Limited IPO Date

River Falls Power Limited IPO Date Units
27 Chaitra 2078 to 11 Baishak 2079 (For Locals only)  34,30,000

In the IPO, locals will be able to apply for a minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of 100,000 lots. Investors will be able to apply for the IPO as early as 11 April 2079 and as late as 26 April 2079.

Apply River Falls Power Limited IPO 

Similarly, Prabhu Capital Limited will act as the issuer and sales manager to make the ordinary shares public.

Investors in this IPO have received full approval from Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. Khadwari Tumlingta and Sabhapokhari Branch, Prabh Bank Ltd., Khandbari Branch, Global IME Bank Ltd., Khandbarir Chainpur Branch, Planning Office of River Falls Power Ltd., Samvasabha and Nepal Securities Board. (C-ASBA) Member Banks and Financial Institutions and their branch offices may apply from the office.

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