Sahas Urja Company Limited IPO for General Public [2078/2021]

Sahas Urja Limited has opened the IPO for the general public from 06 Ashoj to 10 Ashoj 2078. The issue and sale manager of the company is NIBL ​​Ace Capital Limited.

Sahas Urja Company Limited IPO For General Public (Second Phase)

Sahas Urja Limited is going to open the IPO issue and sale from 06 Ashoj. The company is going to issue IPO for all public people of Nepal.

The second phase is for the general public. The ordinary shares with a face value of Rs 100 per share.

  • IPO Name: Sahas Urja Limited
  • Company Sector: Hydropower
  • Issue Manager: NIBL Ace Capital Ltd
  • Open IPO Date: 06 Ashoj 2078
  • Close IPO Date: 10 Ashoj 2078
  • No of Units:  70 Lakhs
  • Suitable to Apply: 20 Units
  • Price per Unit: Rs 100
  • Suitable to Apply (Kitta): 10 Units
  • Maximum units (Kitta): 1000 units

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IPO rating of Sahas Urja Company

ICRA Nepal has given ICRA NP IR BB+ rating to the company in the rating given for the IPO issue. This indicates a moderate risk in the company’s ability to bear responsibility.

Minimum Units (Kitta) to apply on Sahas Urja Limited

Investors will be able to apply for a minimum of 10 units lots to purchase the shares. If the application is not received within that period, the eviction period will be extended.

Sahas Urja Limited IPO Apply (General Public)

After the result of that IPO of the First phase is published, then the general public will be issued. The IPO for the general public will be available on the Mero share platform.

It can be found inside Apply for Issue of My ASBA once after the result of IPO for locals and employees is published.

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