Sanima Life Insurance Company Limited IPO 2021/2078

Sanima Life Insurance Company Limited is the next IPO in Nepal. It is a new IPO in Nepal opening in the month of August 04, 2021.

Sanima Life Insurance IPO

  • IPO Name: Sanima Life Insurance Company Limited
  • Company Sector: Life Insurance
  • Issue Manager: Prabhu Capital Limited
  • (Open) IPO Date: August 04, 2021
  • (Close) IPO Date: August 08, 2021
  • No of Units for the general public: 60,00,000 units
  • Suitable to Apply: 10 Units
  • Price per Unit: Rs 100
  • Suitable to Apply (Kitta): 10 Units
  • Rating by ICRANP-IR: BBB-
  • Maximum units (Kitta): 1000 units

Sanima Life Insurance Share Price

Sanima Life Insurance is another insurance company in Nepal that has opened its IPO on Shrawan 20, 2078. After it is listed on the secondary market by NEPSE, it will achieve a certain amount of its opening price of shares.

This price is calculated on the basis of its last fiscal year net worth. Let’s calculate the Sanima Life Insurance opening price.

According to the report by the company, it has Rs 103.17 its actual net worth of 2075/2076. This Rs 103.17 is its minimum opening price after it gets listed on NEPSE

IPO Share Name Minimum Opening Price Maximum Opening Price
Sanima Life Insurance Rs 103.17 Rs 309.51

Now, for the maximum of its opening price, this price Rs 103.17 is multiplied by 3. The multiplied by 3 times will become its opening price i.e Rs 309.51. This is the maximum opening price. Let’s not get confused with its highest/ maximum trading price.

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Ashok Nath
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