Security Research Engineer Yogesh Ojha:World’s top security conference BlackHat USA and Defcon

Security Research Engineer Yogesh Ojha is becoming the first Nepali to present his research at the world’s top security conferences BlackHat USA and Defcon.

His open-source security project called engine has been selected to be presented there. Nepalese youths have been doing amazing work in World’s IT security scene.

We have amazing talents that have helped the world’s top companies like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft etc. Nepalese youths have also been helping many law enforcement agencies in the world.

 Who is Yogesh Ojha?

Yogesh is a Cyber Security Analyst at Tata Consultancy Service, India where his primary research areas focus on IoT Security, hardware hacking and Mobile Application Security.

He is currently responsible for corporate information security, including vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

A passionate communicator, Yogesh’s talk has been delivered/accepted at several conferences like GreHack France, NoConName Spain, HITB Cyber week Abu Dhabi, HITB CommSec Abu Dhabi, KazHackStan Kazhakstan, ThreatCon Nepal, FOSS Asia Summit Singapore, Global Azure Bootcamp Bhubaneswar, Open Source Summit China, Sector Canada (2019), etc

His research/talks have been featured at several conferences like recently at Open Source Summit China.

Apart from that, he is an avid developer who works on multiple projects that make use of machine learning, IoT, and Robotics.

He Writes on His Linkedin:

I am excited to announce that I am speaking at #BlackHat Arsenal Europe 2020.

It was a goal that I had set 2 years back when I joined Cyber Security. Though many CFPs got rejected, this year I am presenting reNgine, the updates and advancements in the tool.

There will also be a live showcase for reNgine and a chance to interact with the developers behind reNgine.

Thank you everyone for using reNgine and making it an awesome tool by providing valuable suggestions, PR, and spreading the word.

His availability in Social Networks:

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His One of the Projects:

Car Hacking 101: Practical Guide to Exploiting CAN-Bus using Instrument Cluster Simulator — Part III: SavvyCAN, Fuzzing CAN Frame and playing around with CAN Frames.

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Suraj Chand
Suraj Chand
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