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Long Term Side Effects Hair Transplant

Recent advances in technology have made hair replacement surgery a viable option for many people but we must utilize this technique prudently.

It is very important to form a team because one individual cannot perform the entire procedure single-handedly.

Hair Transplants Cure

Fine-tuning and accuracy in all steps of the surgery are essential to get good results. No compromise should be made with proper lighting in the operating room and with the quality of the instruments.

A comfortable ambience in the operating room and the use of audio-visual entertainment break the monotony, both for the patient and the surgical team.

It is important to remember that a patient is worse off after a poorly performed hair replacement surgery.

If done judiciously, transplantation is a very rewarding procedure, both for the surgeon and the patient.

Side Effects of Hair Transplant

  1. Complications of hair transplantation are few and rare.
  2. True infections in the recipient areas occur infrequently.
  3. In the donor areas, the infection may be seen around the sutures but it usually resolves easily after suture removal.
  4. Epidermal cysts may be seen occasionally and need drainage.
  5. It is important not to harvest too big a donor area because tension on the suture line can lead to dehiscence and a wide scar.

Hair transplants in special sites

Eyebrow transplantation can be done to improve or recreate eyebrows. It is aesthetic essentiality to follow the direction of the eyebrow hairs while creating a new line.

Around 150 micrografts are usually required for an eyebrow of one side. The donor site for eyebrow transplantation should be finer hair preferably from the nape of the neck or the temporal region.

Recipient holes are made with a No. 20 or 21-gauge needle or a 0.7 mm microblade. Cyanoacrylate glue may be used over the grafted areas to keep the grafts in place during the immediate postoperative period.

New Hair Restoration Treatments

Grafting eyelashes is a more challenging procedure. Fortunately, only a few lashes are necessary to produce a good result. Six one-hair micrografts per lid may satisfy most patients.

Cyanoacrylate glue is again very useful in keeping the grafts in place. The rate of hair growth of the scalp hair is much faster than those of the eyebrows and elsewhere. Patients must

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