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Sunita Dangol Biography, Age, Miss Newa, Deputy Mayor,Party, Husband, Marriage, Wiki

Sunita Dangol is standing as a deputy mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Her Age, Miss Newa, Deputy Mayor, Party, Husband, Wiki.

She is a self-directed, dynamic and visionary communication professional working for the Ranjana Lipi as a Nepal Indigenous Manuscript Campaigner.

She is also the Co-Founder of Callijatra and also be recognized as a Professional EMCEE, a Social Work Scholar.

Sunita Dangol is a communications professional and Ranjana script trainer working toward the promotion and awareness of ancient scripts and one of the indigenous languages of Nepal.

She is also a freelance emcee and a social activist. Her interests focus on child participation and heritage preservation.

Sunita Dangol Biography, Wiki, Updates

In this ongoing political moment, Sunita Dangol has stated to be a part of Nepalese politics soon. Starting from the candidate for Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (local election).

She is standing as a candidate for Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in the upcoming Local Election. She is just a happy person trying to radiate positivity.

About Sunita Dangol
Full Name Sunita Dangol 
  • Modelling
  • Web Content Writing
  • Singing
  • Teaching Newari Language
  • Radio Jockey
  • Communications Manager

  • Nepal Television
  • Ranjana Script Campaigner/ Trainer
  • Founder President Nepalese Fashion Home Social Welfare Wing
  • Radio Jockey

  • Learning Facilitator-Nepal MasterMind
Personal Life
Date of Birth



29 years old

Birthplace Kathmandu,Nepal
Personal Websites
Nationality Nepalese
Hometown Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Tribhuvan Vishwavidalaya (Communications)
  • Nepal jobs (Master’s degree)
  • Purvanchal University (Bachelors in Science of Biotechnology)
  • Intermediate, Biology)
Educational Qualification Masters From TU
Religion Hindu
Caste Dangol
Ethnicity Newar
Latest News Joining Politics
Address Nepal
  • Web Content Writing
  • Singing
  • Teaching Newari Language
  • Radio Jockey

Sunita Dangol’s Relationships and Family

Relationships and Family Status
Marital Status Unmarried
Wife/Spouse/GirlFriend N/A
Children N/A
Siblings N/A
  • Ananda Kumar Maharjan (Designer)

Sunita Dangol Carrier and Talks

With Ananda Kumar Maharjan,  Dangol co-founded a calligraphers collective called “Callijatra” to promote various Nepalese scripts.

Callijatra has so far done over twenty-seven workshops on Ranjana script and is looking to expand its scope by involving more calligraphers and designers. Dangol is the coordinator of the Callijatra project.

  • Ranjana Lipi Campaigner Emcee
  • Social Work Scholar
  • Communication Professional

1. Language Teacher (From Kantipur Youtube)

A conversation with Sunita Dongol (Ranjana Lipi Advocate) about teaching the Newari language or Nepal Bhasa through an online medium on youtube is seen in the following video.

She attributes her positivity and curiosity as the driving force for her energy and varied interests. Sunita is also one of the co-leads of Callijatra, a volunteer-led youth initiative currently working for the preservation of Newa scripts and Nepalbhasa to help it stay in the limelight.

In her talk, she especially emphasizes her work on Callijatra and the preservation of culture through the preservation of scripts and also focuses on her efforts towards it.

She especially focuses on the Ranjana script which was very less used but has been brought back to life by the efforts of Callijatra.

This is an inspiring and motivating talk that helps the youth understand the importance of cultural preservation esp. through the preservation of scripts.

Ms Sunita Dangol is a communications professional with a deep interest in cultural preservation. Since winning the Miss Newa peagent in 2011, Sunita has pursued a varied range of works.

In her career, she has served as a professional RJ, Emcee, TV presenter and Newa language and script activist. She has also been working in the City Planning Commission of Kathmandu as a consultant.

2. From the TEDx Event (Youtube)

Sunita is one of the co-leads of Callijatra, a volunteer-led youth initiative currently working for the preservation and mainstreaming of Newa scripts and Nepalbhasa.

Sunita and her team have been working on additional innovative projects like the 1-minute Nepalbhasa tutorials that present intangible heritages in an accessible manner- encouraging adoption and preservation.

She is credited for kick-starting a renewed interest in Ranjana script among the younger generations. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

3. About Callijatra (From

Ranjana script, equal parts art and culture, was discovered in the eleventh century along with an archive of more than fifty thousand manuscripts.

A script indigenous to the Newar community of Nepal, Ranjana began to fade away in use and importance after policy and regime changes in Nepal.

Now, the Ranjana script has been revived thanks to the efforts of various artists and activists.

The Callijatra project is a youth-led movement at the forefront of bringing Ranjana to the masses through its workshops and outreach events.

With more than two dozen workshops and five thousand participants, Callijatra is bringing pedagogical changes to the Ranjana script and taking it mainstream.

Sunita Dangol Political Thoughts

Dangol says that she will focus on the ‘eight pillars of development’ – traffic management, waste management, social engineering, e-governance, youth entrepreneurship, cultural heritage, tourism, and research and development.

  • She emphasized the need to separate waste into organic and inorganic as a prerequisite to managing the capital’s garbage problems.
  • They eventually have plans to turn waste into energy.
  • Her priorities also include modernizing public transport through the implementation of a proper schedule and eventually, a metro and Bus Rapid Transit.
  • She is focused on the digitization of public service in order to reduce the burden on the public while also eliminating opportunities for corruption.
  • According to her “Development needs to have a bottom-up, not top-down approach”.
  • She is focused on creating simple but impactful changes.
  • She also spoke about the need for more research and data to better plan policies for the city.
  • One unique idea that she expressed had to do with community homes for the poor and homeless. According to her, there are porters sleeping on the streets of Kalimati due to the high rent in Kathmandu.
  • This is a threat to human life,” she said. “Community homes will provide minimum wage workers with a roof over their head.”
Youtube Videos

Teaching Newari Language Online

Culture survives when shared

Presenter at Atypi 19

Sunita Dangol Party

She is still involved in self-development activities. Now some days ago she claimed to be in politics from the CPN-UML party on the local level.

Sunita Dangol is a 29-year-old female. She is also an active youngster with the mindset of leading the nation with the abilities and strategies she has from the CPN-UML Party.

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Kathmandu Metro Total Votes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Who is Sunita Dangol?

Sunita Dangol is a former Miss Newa -2011, with proficiency in Communications and is currently actively involved in a local election for the deputy mayor position of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

2. Is Sunita Dangol Mayor of Kathmandu?

No, She is currently actively involved in a local election for the deputy mayor position of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

3. Is Sunita Dangol Miss Nepal?

No, She is not Miss Nepal. She won the title of Miss Newa contest in the year 2011 which is a national modelling programme.

4. Who is Sunita Dangol Husband?

It is not stated on any media blogs that Sunita Dangol is married. So, She might be unmarried.

5. What is Sunita Dangol age?

Sunita Dangol is currently 29 years old female born in 1993.

6. What is Sunita Dangol’s Party name?

Sunita Dangol is standing as the candidate for deputy mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan city from the  Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist) i.e CPN-UML Party of Nepal.

7. Is Sunta Dangol Married or Not?

It is not stated on any media blogs that Sunita Dangol is married. So, She is unmarried.

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