Talking Elite Fitness Whoop in USA : Buying and Reviews for Comparison

There is no shortage of ready-made materials that provide tips and tricks for developing a training plan. The problem is that even if you are limited to peer-reviewed academic publications, not all materials,It seems to agree.

In order to deal with all the confusion, WHOOP compiled this paper. Among them, we Review three things;

(1) what we actually know and are still theoretical,

(2) how WHOOP uses this information to understand your data, and

(3) how you use WHOOP to unleash your fitness potential.

Whoop 3.0 Users Guide

Everyone knows that you have to train to increase physical fitness and performance, but there are such One good thing is too much; too much training hurts performance and is different Enough training.

Therefore, top athletes are constantly making a delicate balance Between overtraining at the risk of overtraining and injury and under-doing-unrealized Performance improvement.

The motivation for creating WHOOP5 is to achieve Our bodies are full of information that can help us navigate this thin line, as long as we know How to listen.

WHOOP discloses this information to our members through two main indicators: response and recovery. In the next part, we will delve into the science behind these features and discuss how to use them.

They not only need to understand the impact of training on your body but also how to use They plan your training in a standardized manner.

More about whoop strain

WHOOP Strain, a scale report from 0 to 21, measures total cardiovascular load Experience during a specified time period-such as exercise or a day-normalized so that 21.0 represents the maximum cardiovascular load that can be achieved in a day.

General speaking, Answer the following question: “As a function of total cardiovascular load, I can It may have put pressure on my body today.

How many loads did I bear during this period? “In this way, Strain distinguishes itself from countless alternative measures of load 6 because of it.

Doesn’t try to directly simulate the external load (such as the number of steps taken, the number of miles runs, etc.), but Measure what load means to you.

For example, if two athletes complete the same activity, They both ran the same 8-minute mile, and they will almost certainly get different strain scores because of the physiological state of entering into exercise and the physiological response to exercise This Is the only input to the algorithm.

Adding More about Strain

By monitoring the cardiovascular response to the load rather than the load itself, we can explain Fatigue factors that cannot be explained by external load measurement, such as Exercise requires more effort when the weather is hot 7.

Perhaps more valuable is Capable of capturing strain sources that cannot be measured or are impractical by traditional methods Methods, such as emotional stress 8 or small burdens in daily life, such as grocery shopping.

Although a healthy athlete may not be consciously aware of the importance of shopping, The reality is that in the course of a day, individual negligible components can add up Not to be ignored, monitoring them can improve the accuracy of all algorithms considering the load As input.

In previous work 9, We use our own data to prove that non-exercise strain does not only have practical significance but is also bigger than you think.

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