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Top 3 Scientific Calculators For Students Available In Nepal (2021)

I was introduced to the calculations from the class since I recognized numerals. As my standards leveled up, I was taught to calculate arithmetic problems. I started studying in higher standards and suddenly trigonometric equations showed up feelings.

One day in my class, the instructor recommended me to buy a calculator that could handle certain equations like simultaneous, quadratic, and polynomial degree equations. I had no idea which calculator to buy and where would I get them.

I went to the market and searched for scientific calculators in every shop. Finally, I found a stationery shop for it. I asked to shop keeper to show me some of the scientific calculators that would fit the requirements of my standard. He asked me my standard. I answered Bachelors in Engineering. He brought some of the best suitable scientific calculators for me to choose from. He explained the functions of that calculator. I bought the top best and returned home. 

To save your time and not to get problems searching for a calculator, I have hand-picked the top 8 best scientific calculators for you to buy in 2020. Here goes the list.

CASIO fx-991EX CLASSWIZ Scientific Calculator

Casio fx-991EX CLASSWIZ Scientific Calculator in Nepal
Casio fx-991EX CLASSWIZ Scientific Calculator in Nepal

The specifications about this CASIO fx-991EX CLASSWIZ Scientific Calculator are:

  1. The New Classroom Standard With High-resolution LCD Technology
  2. 417 functions
  3. Display: Natural Textbook Display, Natural V.P.A.M.
  4. Power supply: solar powered with an auxiliary battery with a hard case
  5. Dimensions (H x W x D): 162,0 x 80,0 x 11,1 mm
  6. Weight: 95g

If you are willing to buy a calculator at a cheaper price with those specifications, see at following links may save your time and money.                              

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Citizen’s fx-991ES Plus Scientific Calculator

Citizen's fx-991ES Plus Scientific Calculator
Citizen’s fx-991ES Plus Scientific Calculator

Citizen is another calculator company in Nepal. A citizen’s fx-991ES plus scientific calculator is the best calculator for you if you are studying in a +2 or Bachelor’s degree.

The specifications about this Citizen’s fx-991ES Plus Scientific Calculator are:

  1. Fraction calculations

  2. Combination and permutation

  3. Statistics (List-based STAT data editor, standard deviation, regression analysis)

  4. 9 variables

  5. Table function

  6. Comes with new slide-on hard case

  7. Equation calculations

  8. Integration/differential calculations

  9. Matrix calculation

  10. Vector calculation

  11. Complex number calculation

  12. CALC function

  13. SOLVE function

  14. Base-n calculation


CASIO fx-911W Scientific Calculator

CASIO fx-911W

The specifications about this CASIO fx-911W Scientific Calculator are:

  1. Scientific Calculator

  2. 229 Functions

  3. Easy Menu Function

  4. 2 Line Big Display

  5. Plastic Keys

  6. 10+2 Digits

  7. Slide on Hard Case


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