Spandan Angbo Limbu (Subba): Voice of Nepal Kids Season 2 Winner

Spandan Angbo Limbu (Subba), from team ‘Pramod’ wins the title of Voice Of Kids Season 2. In a thrilling culmination of talent, dedication, and heartfelt performances, the young prodigy Spandan Subba has emerged as the shining star and recipient of the prestigious title of “Voice of Kids Season-2.”

With his exceptional vocal abilities and captivating stage presence, Spandan captured the hearts of audiences nationwide and showcased the immense potential of young artists.

Voice of Nepal Kids Season 2 Winner 2023/2080:

Moreover, Spandan’s humble and gracious demeanour endeared him to fans and mentors alike.

Voice of Nepal Kids Season 2 Winner

He demonstrated a genuine appreciation for the platform the show provided him, recognizing the opportunities it presented for him to share his passion and touch the lives of others through music.

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His humility and gratitude resonated with the audience, creating a deep connection beyond his remarkable vocal performances.

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