Mobile Phones Made In India Will not Support 4G NTC VoLTE Service

Nepal Telecom has started the soft launch of testing the ‘VoLTE’ service Nepal. To use this service, mobiles that support frequencies in the 800 and 1800 MHz bands are required, the telco said.

Nepal Telecom is currently expanding the 4G service based on 800 MHz frequency in rural and remote areas. BTS towers based on such frequencies can carry long-distance networks.

Do mobile phones made in India will support 4G NTC VoLTE service?

But mobile phones made in India do not support 800 MHz frequency. “In India, the 800 MHz frequency is not used for 4G,” said Dilli Adhikari, managing director of Nepal Telecom.

But apart from India, mobile sets made in other countries including China and Vietnam do not have this kind of problem.

Therefore, the telco has urged the customers to buy Forge or VoLTE service only by making sure that it has a mobile that supports the frequency of both 800 and 1800 bands.

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