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Zolve Credit Card Reviews: Apply Fintech Account, Application, Limit, Reviews

We understand that with global ambitions come global challenges, and Zolve credit card is here to bridge the gap by providing continuous cross-border financial services.

Think of us as your friendly digital guide to all financial matters and it will help you get the most out of your money.

Their first offerings as an operating U.S. account and a high-limit credit card that you can apply for while still in your country.

With benefits such as free application fees, quick approval and complete online setup, the future seems limitless.

About Zolve credit card

By having all your financial solutions in one place, you can focus on what really matters. We make it to measure for enthusiasts like you, so you can achieve financial freedom without any hassle.

Today we are in 2 countries, tomorrow at 20. And we are just starting! You are with us on this journey of ambition across borders.

Zolve Credit Card


Zolve for Cross Border Fintech

Zolve is a cross-border fintech that provides equal access to the world’s financial products. We understand that the needs of a global citizen like you, with financial footprints in more than one country, are different from the needs of local people. Their goal is to simplify your financial world.

Currently serving the India-US Corridor, we allow you to apply for a US bank account. and a US credit card. on day 1.

With a fast setup process that you can start from India, small documentation and zero application costs, Zolve will help you prepare for your financial life in the US.

Zolve U.S. Bank account

Short answer – no and no. Because you’re new to this country, we know you may not have an SSN or US credit history. But that shouldn’t stop you from starting your life in the same situation in the United States

You can apply for U.S. Pat. Bring your bank accounts and an American credit card from India just before you leave, and your passport and visa as identification documents.

The process is completely online and approval is fast. The debit and credit card will be delivered to your US address upon your arrival.

Zolve credit card application

Apart from no SSN and credit history requirement, Zolve is the only credit card that offers a high 1-day credit limit on arrival without the need for a prepayment. Wondering how to do it? You don’t need American credit history with Zolve. Use when we consider your unique circumstances and alternative data, they give you a much longer chance of approval.

Because we trust you, you don’t have to pay a deposit to get a credit card, unlike other starter credit cards.

In addition, we report to all three credit institutions and regularly provide you with basic tips on how to build your credit score faster.

Zolve account and credit card

Zolve account and a credit card are free of charge for the application. Too good to be true? We understand that moving abroad is a huge financial task, so we do not charge application fees or annual fees, nor do we require a minimum balance.

Perfect. Zolve’s FDIC account is insured for up to $ 250,000 through our partner bank. In addition, our state-of-the-art application allows you to freeze/thaw the map with a single click.

Your forex card blocks your money ahead. And why use a debit card when you can get great rewards while spending the same amount on a credit card and also increase your credit score!

Apply for a Zolve credit card

To apply for twelve credits, you must complete the application and agree to the terms.

Send the application to the address: [email protected]

Zolve US bank account

Payments: With Zolve you can pay for your purchases by debit or credit and you do not have to pay any additional fees.

MasterCard: Payment accepted
visa: payment accepted
American Express: payment accepted
Cash Back Rewards: Get a cashback reward for every purchase of up to 3%.

After each purchase, the rewards will be credited to your account.

Open a Zolve account

Deposit account, FDIC insurance up to $ 250,000, no minimum balance requirement and no need to apply for a social security number. Zolve credit card limit

Maintaining Zolve credit costs $ 30 per month or $ 360 per year. Costs include monthly payments, annual fees and inspections.

Zolve credit card reviews

Zolve is a loyalty credit that provides users with cash back, special offers and discounts on their daily purchases.

It does not charge any fees or interest and the card has a high card limit. In addition to its rewards programs, Zolve also offers a free service called “My Zolve”, which provides customers with automated budgeting tools.

Provide American immigrants from around the world with a safe and reliable way to prepare financially for a new life and

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