How to create free email address with domain name

Create Free Email Address With Your Domain Name: We use email addresses in our daily use for different purposes like communication with friends, family, offices, college and other institutions we are linked to.

We already have our personal email address created from Google which is called Gmail. It has a suffix as “”.Likewise, some of us also have used Hotmail, yahoo mail and other companies’ free email services.

The best thing about those email services is that they are free. They are also generic and many people use them. It’s a bit common for all. We have now understood the differences between other email name services and our own email names.

Create a free email account with your domain name:

This is to and the service we get is more personal and safer with good security.

Today we are creating an email account with our own domain name free, having our own domain and hosting. We can acquire an email address like “[email protected]”. 

First of all, for creating our own free email we need our domain registration and web hosting for that registered domain. 

If you don’t have the idea to register your own domain name and buy web hosting, see this simple method to register your own domain name in a few clicks.

Steps to Create a free email address with a domain name:

Now, we start building our own free email address with our own domain name. Let’s see how to create a free email account with your domain name in an easy and simple method.

  1. Go to your domain’s web hosting and log in to the control panel (Cpanel).
  2. Go to Email Accounts inside your Cpanel.
  3. Click on Create (+).
  4. You will see a form to CREATE AN EMAIL ACCOUNT.
  5. Select your domain name from the drop-down list.
  6. Enter your email address’s username in the field.
  7. Set the new password for the new free email you just created.
  8. Finally, click on Create.

Congratulations you have understood how to create a free email address with a domain name.

Now you have a question, where to log in to this email address to see all your inboxes for new incoming emails.

 To see emails you got from others who send you, you must log in to this new free email which you’ve created with your domain name free from your web hosting’s email service portal.

Check Email Inbox With Domain Name Free:

To log in to the email service portal, you can visit your domain’s web hosting and log in to Cpanel. 

After successful login, you can see your emails from the same email accounts section from where you just created your new own free email address.

  1. Go to email accounts.
  2. Click on Check Mail, it will redirect you to a new webmail login page.
  3. Click on  “Open” under the “Open your inbox” section.
  4. Now, you can see all the emails in your free domain created inbox.

You can also see all your emails in your other personal email address like Gmail, Hotmail, and yahoo mail.

To view your emails from your Gmail or other email service providers, you can use email forwarding from Cpanel.

  1. Go to web hosting and log in to Cpanel.
  2.  Then, click on email forwarders.
  3. Click on “add forwarder”.
  4. Enter the email address that you created from the domain to forward to another email address.
  5. Enter the destination email address where you want to forward.
  6. Click on “Add Forwarder”.
  7. Congratulations, You successfully forwarded your free domain email to another email address.

Now, you can see all your emails in your other email inbox easily. The new incoming emails will come in the destination email you just forwarded.

Summary of creating a free email with the domain name:

We have successfully created an email with your domain name free.I hope you have understood how to create a free email account with your domain name.Now, you can create an email address with a domain name free yourself.

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