Neb Grade 12 Increment Exam Result 2023 PDF [Download]

NEB REsult 2080 class 12

The National Examination Board (NEB) in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal, has important news about the Class 12 exam re-totaling results. They want everyone to know that these results are now available at

NEB Grade 12 Increment Exam Result 2023 PDF

The results for those candidates who had earlier received an NG (Not Graded) status and had expressed dissatisfaction with their annual examination outcomes have now been released as per the National Examination Board’s decision on 2080/06/04.

Updated Grade Sheet Process:

Candidates who wish to acquire their revised grade sheets are advised to reach out to the NEB office or the corresponding board offices within 10 days of the result’s announcement date. Present their original grade sheet for validation.

Answer Sheets Review Process:

Candidates still dissatisfied with their re-evaluation and interested in viewing their answer sheets should remit a fee of Rs. 2,000 per subject.

Applications, along with the fee, should be submitted to the relevant board office or the examination control office in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur within 15 days (by date 2080/06/19).

Grade 12 Supplementary Examination Result 2080:

Eligible candidates aiming for a grade improvement in the Class 12 examination, slated for 2080/06/09 and 2080/06/10, need to note:

      • The examination application fee per subject stands at Rs. 600.
      • The form should be routed through the respective school to the board office by 2080/06/08.
      • In exceptional cases, students unable to submit the application on time can do so by paying a double fee within the same deadline.

Notices for Schools and Board Offices:

All affiliated schools and board offices are urged to strictly comply with this directive.

Technical Errors: 

The board acknowledges the possibility of technical errors in the results. Rest assured, any discrepancies will be rectified based on records maintained by the examination control office.

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