SendGrid Alternatives Free in 2022 [Latest Updated List]

SendGrid is a popular paid tool and service for sending emails in bulk. However, there are several free alternatives available that can serve your email marketing needs. In this post, we will explore the best free alternatives to SendGrid for email marketing.

Why Consider SendGrid Alternatives?

SendGrid may not be the most user-friendly option, and you might be looking for more cost-effective alternatives. Here, we present a list of free alternatives that offer various features and cost-effective plans.

Best Free SendGrid Alternatives:

  1. SendMachine:

    • SendMachine is a web-based platform for email marketing campaigns and transactional messages.
    • Offers tools for campaign creation, sending, and optimization.
    • Provides 24,000 free emails per month.
    • Import your subscriber list and send bulk emails for free.
  3. Mail250:
    • An AI-Driven Bulk Email sending and marketing software suitable for enterprises, eCommerce, bloggers, startups, and more.
    • Offers comprehensive solutions for web apps.
    • Offers basic bounce email handling to maintain your sender reputation.
  5. Mailchimp:
    • An all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses to market smarter and grow faster.
  6. Sendinblue:
    • Manage marketing automation, email, SMS campaigns, and transactional messaging on a single platform.
  7. Mailjet:
    • Works with brands like Microsoft, Etsy, and Product Hunt to create, send, and optimize marketing and transactional emails.
  8. SENDER:
    • An easy-to-use and affordable email marketing application that allows contact list management, campaign creation, and result analysis.
  9. Mailforge:
    • A user-friendly email marketing platform for sending professional-looking newsletters and generating leads.
  10. Amazon SES (Simple Email Service):
    • A cost-effective outbound-only email-sending service built on Amazon’s reliable infrastructure.
  11. SendQuick:
    • An email marketing, ads, landing pages, and CRM tool for effortless business growth.
  12. Kingmailer:
    • A simple and fully-featured mail server/SMTP service with easy usability and high inbox delivery rates.
  13. Groupmail:
    • Easy-to-use email marketing and automation for fast-growing businesses.
  14. Pepipost:
    • A rapid transactional email delivery service with reliable inboxing and a flexible pricing model.
  15. GroupList:
    • Ideal for managing users within specific teams or groups, allowing you to send to up to 200 recipients for free.
  16. ShoutOUT:
    • A comprehensive Customer Communication Platform (CPaaS) to connect with customers via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and Messenger.
  17. Mailwhale:
    • A mail relay with REST API for sending emails.
  18. Mailupnext:
    • Offers reliable and scalable bulk email sending as an alternative to SendGrid.
  19. Enginemailer:
    • Best Email Marketing Automation for small businesses, supporting unlimited subscribers and up to 10,000 emails per month for free.
  20. Umail:
    • A powerful email marketing tool with automation capabilities.
  21. JangoSMTP:
    • Allows you to send transactional emails via SMTP or API, pioneering open tracking.
    • An affordable email marketing platform for agencies and high-volume senders with comprehensive features.
  23. Jilt:
    • Increase revenue with automated lifecycle emails to recover abandoned carts and engage customers.
  24. Postal:
    • An open-source mail server for websites and web servers, providing features similar to SendGrid.
  25. MailMust:
    • Offers reliable and affordable bulk email sending with a focus on promotional emails.
  26. FluteMail:
    • A multi-provider email API with guaranteed deliverability and retries for failed deliveries.
  27. SMTP Logic:
    • Integrates with your current email system to automate various aspects of email processing.
  28. MFY:
    • A tool for bloggers and content creators to create Facebook messenger campaigns based on user behavior.
  29. Sendwithus:
    • Provides a simple API and dashboard to manage and optimize emails sent by your application.
  30. Mailazy:
    • Offers high deliverability rates, customer-focused support, and budget-friendly pricing.
  31. UniSender:
    • An intuitive email marketing platform with list-building, email creation, campaign analysis, and automation.


You can choose from a range of SendGrid alternatives that are nearly free or more cost-effective than SendGrid. These alternatives offer various features and robust support for your email marketing needs. Whether you’re a small business, blogger, or enterprise, there’s a free alternative to suit your requirements.

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