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We know Er. Balen Shah in multiple ways. Some know him by his profession as an Engineer whereas some are familiar with him by his singing career “Hip-hop”.Now, most of us know him by his candidacy for the position of mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. He lives in Sinamangal.

Er. Balen is best known for his freestyle in Battle raps (Raw-Barz). He is the winner of the Second Season of Raw Barz ( A Nepali Rap Battle League).

He got into highlight after winning a battle against Litl Grizl with 13 Rebuttals and multi-syllable rhymes in a freestyle.


Recently on NY Times: From Rap Star to Engineer to Young Mayor Demolishing Swaths of Kathmandu

Er. Balen Shah Biography, Wiki, Updates

In this ongoing political moment, Er. Balen Shah started to be on Nepalese politics soon. Starting from the candidate of local politics, he is preparing to stand as a candidate for Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in the upcoming Local Election.

Er. Balen’s Biography
Full Name Balendra Shah (Balen)
  • Structural Engineer,
  • Civil Engineer,
  • Construction Engineer,
  • Music composer,
  • Lyricist,
  • Rapper,
  • Video Director,
  • Scriptwriter,
  • Social Activist
  • Bridge Engineer (Asian Construction Company Pvt. Ltd)
  • Shelter Engineer (Help Nepal Org)
  • DDA engineer (National society of earthquake Technology NSET)
  • Transportation Engineer (Bajra Guru Constructions)
  • Technical Advisor (ASF Nepal)
  • Project Manager (Soaltee City, Platinum Developers)
  • Managing Director (Balen Consulting And Construction Pvt. Ltd)
  • Deputy General Manager (Padma Group of Companies)
Personal Life
Date of Birth

27 April 1990


31 years old

Birthplace Garigaun, Teenkune Kathmandu
Personal Websites
Nationality Nepalese
Hometown Kathmandu
Schools Alliance Academy
College V.S Niketan College.
  • White House Institute of Technology
  • Structural Engineering from VTU, Karnataka
Educational Qualification Professional Engineer
Religion Hindu
Caste Shah
Ethnicity Kschettri
Latest News Joining Politics
Address Sinamangal, Kathmandu
  • Rap Singing
  • Cricket
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Writing

Popular Nepali Rapper/ Structural Engineer Balen Shah has announced to stand as a candidate for Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in the upcoming Local Election. He has done bachelor’s in Civil Engineering & in Structural Engineering.

Er. Balen’s Relationships and Family

Balen Shah is a Nepali Rapper, Music Composer, Song Writer, Director and Structural Engineer.

His Home town is in Kathmandu. He is well-known for his famous video on youtube “Raw-Barz”. Lately, his new song album was released.

Relationships and Family Status
Marital Status Married
Wife/Spouse/GirlFriend Sabina Kafle (From Blogs)
Children 0
Parents •Dr Ram Narayan Shah (Father)
•Dhruva Devi Shah (Mother)
Siblings None
Friends •Unik Poet

  • Laure

Er. Balen Shah as Rapper Career

Er. Balen Shah has also contributed to the Nepalese Hip-Hop community. Some of the super hit albums and videos are listed below.

Balen Shah

Balen Shah Music Videos

Raw Barz Rap Battle

Balen/Aastik/New nepali Rap song

PrimeHD || र्‍यापर ( BALEN ) बालेन शाहको खुलासा : प्रेम, रोमान्स र सेक्समा मानिस किन लिप्त हुन्छ ?

Official Youtube Channel


balen shah mayor

Er. Balen Shah Wife

It is stated on different blogs that Er. Balen Shah is married. But, from some blogs and online media, Sabina Kafle is the name of Balen Shah’s wife/spouse/girlfriend. He is a graduate bachelor with the profession of Engineer.

balen shah wife

He is still involved in self-development activities. Now some days ago he claimed to be in politics from the local level.

Er. Balen Shah on Politics of Nepal: Key points by Rapper/Engineer Balen Shah for Change 

After the announcement of the candidate for Kathmandu Mayor, Balen Shah says during the podcast On Air With Sanjay:

There is money when I sing, there is money when I design, there is money when I supervise, there is money when I do construction, and there is money when I do an endorsement. Not for the money. And I’m already doing music for the name, people are listening to the song.

What is it for? I was taught as a child not to need a position to serve, to work, than to be taught by my teachers, but I was not taught that you can’t see incompetents in that position, but now I feel it!.

Well, I don’t need a position to work, I am still working, but I can’t see an unworthy person sitting in that position, that too is a sin. It is a mistake to keep silent even after seeing that.

Why did I have to suffer so much to be kept there or a good person? I didn’t even have to worry about it. If there was a mayor like us who could do all the work of keeping good people there, then why did I have to go?

In Kathmandu, if Balen Shah wins:

  1. In tomorrow’s parliamentary and state elections, many Balen Shahs will be ready to fight and win.
  2. Many will leave the party, not enter. This will lead to new polarization in society.
    From 2047 BS to 2079 BS, the same abusive allegations will come to an end.
  3. The arrogance of the leader who thinks that the Nepali people are only party workers and enslaves the people will end.
  4. The power of an independent citizen will be tested for the first time.
  5. From now on, the party will field candidates on the basis of merit rather than money, family, kinship, capitalism, etc.
  6. The youth will be engaged in the development of qualifications rather than being a part of the party and the country will take the right path.
  7. So this is a sign of change in Balen’s candidacy. Let’s not let it go out, let’s wake up. This is a kind of revolution.

Mission, Vision and Strategy of Balen Shah:

Balen shah mayor
Source: Binay Creation

One of the reasons for the failed education system in our country is not being able to make others understand due to our attitude and non-practical Nature.

We need No vehicle zones and cycle lanes. Each ward needs a sports club for which funding should be done so that sport gets developed and children don’t get involved in other bad habits.

Waste management needs to start by segregating dry and wet. More than 600 metric tons of waste are collected from Kathmandu every day which could be used to generate electricity, Fertilizer and fuels.

While doing the reconstruction works of historical monuments in Kathmandu, proper study needs to be done so that originality and archaeological value are not lost.

If we could celebrate days like Kukur Tihar on a Global level and do branding of this festival, Nepal could receive huge recognition in the world.

Preservation of Temples, Stupas, Dhunge Dhara, Rajkulo, Ponds, and promotion of Indrajatra on every level.Introduction of Call centres for proper service of Health and Infrastructure ambulances.

Discussion regarding Train and Metro in Kathmandu is done but we need to think of proper transportation management first. Development of Primary health care centres in every ward etc.

The Routine of Nepal Banda (Nepalese Media Updates)

News of Election Er. Balen Shah: Support from Nepalese Singer Swapnil Sharma

balen shah new photo

Singer Swapnil Sharma after Engineer/Rapper Balen’s announcement to stand for Kathmandu Metro Mayor in the upcoming Election says, “म बालेन शाहको झोला बोक्न तयार छु”.

Support from Nepalese actor Najir Husen

balen shah on politics

Popular Actor Najir Husen after Engineer/Rapper Balen’s announcement to stand for Kathmandu Metro Mayor in upcoming Election.

He says, “चिया पसल र कफि सपमा ओ ब्रो यार तिम्रो सोच! त क्या मेरो जस्तै रैछ यार, भन्दै सपना साटासाट गर्ने हामी बिचकै एकजना नव जवान युवा त्यै सोच बोकेर परिवर्तनको बाटो तिर लम्कदै छ। बाटोमा साथ दिने जिम्मा हामी युवाको।”

balen shah news

Er. Balen Shah was born on 27 April 1990. So he is a 31-year-old male. He is an active youngster with `the mindset of leading the nation with the abilities and strategies he has learned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Who is Er. Balen Shah?

Er. Balen Shah is multi-talented by his profession as an Engineer, singing career “Hip-hop” and now, most of us know him by his candidacy for the position of mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

2. Is Er. Balen Shah Mayor of Kathmandu?

Yes, He is currently actively involved in a local election for the mayor position of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

3. Is Er. Balen Shah from Madhes?

It was a controversy in one of the public television programs that Sthapit accused Balen Shah of hiding Madhesi identity.

4. Who is Er. Balen Shah Wife?

It is stated on different blogs that Er. Balen Shah is married. But, from some blogs and online media, Sabina Kafle is the name of Balen Shah’s wife/spouse/girlfriend

5. What is Er. Balen Shah age?

Er. Balen Shah was born on 27 April 1990. So he is a 31-year-old male.

6. What is Er. Balen Shah’s Political Party name?

Er. Balen Shah is standing as the candidate for mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan city from Independent Candidate. He has not joined any political party yet.

Kathmandu Municipal Policy and Program by Mayor Balen Shah

  • Continuation of teaching in accordance with the local Nepali language curriculum from class 1 to class 8 in all schools will be continued.
  • School campus improvement program of community schools will be conducted Under this, construction and upgrading of toilets, provision of free sanitary pads, provision of drinking water and provision of lockers for students will be provided.
  • The policy will be taken to conduct non-formal education and SIP development programs through community-level learning centres.
  • Necessary arrangements will be made to ensure the health of the taxpayers who have paid taxes in the metropolis A maximum of 50 per cent subsidy of insurance fee will be provided
  • Free beds will be provided in the hospital for the needy citizens residing within the metropolitan area, and arrangements will be made for the operation of an integrated ambulance service.
  • Within a year, digital profiles of all physical infrastructures, including roads, sewerage, drinking water pipeline, street lights, telephone, etc., will be prepared in the metropolitan area, and integrated details will be collected.
  • The existing infrastructure ambulance service with materials and manpower will be expanded and continued
  • Upgradation of sidewalks, traditional style for passenger rest at bus stops, upgrading of public toilets to make their disability and gender-friendly, a continuation of Mahanagar Ujyalo program.
  • Rehabilitation of doves within the metropolitan area and construction of Amp Theater
  • Homestay operation will be arranged in the Handigaun area, which is a heritage of ancient civilization, in the coming Fiscal Year.
  • Newa: Initiatives will be taken to internationalize the local beverages prevalent in the community by completing the necessary legal process, various fairs, and festivals will be introduced internationally and tourism will be promoted.
  • Arrangements will be made to categorize the waste at the source for reuse and processing of waste.
  • पार्क Park will be constructed by removing encroachment of public lands On the first Sunday of every month, the mayor’s program with the people, Mahanagar e-library will be established and brought into operation
  • Home delivery services will be gradually expanded by the corporation in line with the government’s concept of home delivery.
  •  League competitions will be organized in collaboration with national and international level sports clubs.
  • Necessary coordination will be made in department stores, shopping malls, and marts within the metropolitan area to provide a fixed place for the sale and distribution of local products and organic food items.
  • Arrangements will be made for senior citizens above 70 years of age to undergo health check-ups at their homes
  • Necessary coordination will be made to operate a disability-friendly ATM machine
    Necessary arrangements will be made to build our own mart (KMC mart) and bring it into operation
  • In order to make public transport effective, a separate company will be established and necessary initiatives will be taken to manage all public transport within the valley under one umbrella.
  • Necessary arrangements will be made to prohibit shops on sidewalks

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