Er. Balen Shah announced to stand for candidate for Mayor of Kathmandu Metro. City in upcoming Local Election.

We know Er. Balen Shah in multiple ways. Some know him by his profession of Engineer whereas some are familiar to him by his singing career “Hip-hop”.He lives in Sinamangal.

Er. Balen is best known for his freestyle in Battle raps (Raw-Barz). He is the winner of the Second Season of Raw Barz ( A Nepali Rap Battle League).

He got into highlight after winning a battle against Litl Grizl with 13 Rebuttals and multi-syllable rhymes in a freestyle.

Er. Balen Shah Wife

It is nowhere stated that Er. Balen Shah is married. So his marital status is still unmarried. He is a graduate bachelor with the profession of Engineer.

Balen Shah has not been married till now. He is still involved in self-development activities. Now some days ago he has claimed to be in politics from the local level.

Er. Balen Shah age

Er. Balen was born on 27 April 1990. So he is 31 years old male. He is an active youngster with `mindset of leading the nation with the abilities and strategies he has learnt.

Er. Balen Shah on Politics of Nepal

On this ongoing political moment, Er. Balen has stated to be on Nepalese politics soon. Starting from the candidate of local politics, he is preparing to stand as a candidate for Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in the upcoming Local Election.

Er. Balen Shah Biography, Wiki

Er. Balen’s Biography
Full Name Balen Shah
  • Structural Engineer,
  • Civil Engineer,
  • Construction Engineer,
  • Music composer,
  • Lyricist,
  • Rapper,
  • Video Director,
  • Scriptwriter,
  • Social Activist
  • Bridge Engineer (Asian Construction Company Pvt. Ltd)
  • Shelter Engineer (Help Nepal Org)
  • DDA engineer (National society of earthquake Technology NSET)
  • Transportation Engineer (Bajra Guru Constructions)

  • Technical Advisor (ASF Nepal)

  • Project Manager (Soaltee City , Platinum Developers)

  • Managing Director (Balen Consulting And Construction Pvt. Ltd)

  • Deputy General Manager (Padma Group of Companies)

Personal Life
Date of Birth

27 April 1990


31 years old


Garigaun, Teenkune Kathmandu

Personal Websites





Alliance Academy


V.S Niketan College.

  • White House Institute of Technology
  • Structural Engineering from VTU, Karnataka
Educational Qualification

Professional Engineer







Latest News

Joining Politics


Sinamangal, Kathmandu

  • Rap Singing
  • Cricket
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Writing

Er. Balen’s Relationships and Family

Balen Shah is a Nepali Rapper, Music Composer, Song Writer, Director and Structural Engineer. His Home town is in Kathmandu. He is well-known for his famous video on youtube “Raw-Barz”. Lately, his new song album was released.

Relationships and Family

Marital Status






  •  Dr Ram Narayan Shah (Father)
  • Dhruva Devi Shah (Mother)


  • Unik Poet
  • Laure

The routine of Nepal Banda (Nepalese Media Updates)

News of Election Er. Balen Shah

balen shah news

Breaking: Popular Nepali Rapper/ Structural Engineer Balen Shah has announced to stand as a candidate for Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in upcoming Local Election. He has done Bachelor in Civil Engineering & in Structural Engineering. ❤️ #goodwishes

 Support from Nepalese Singer Swapnil Sharma

balen shah new photo

Singer Swapnil Sharma after Engineer/Rapper Balen’s announcement to stand for Kathmandu Metro Mayor in upcoming Election says, “म बालेन शाहको झोला बोक्न तयार छु”. ❤️ #अब_पालो_युवाको

Support from Nepalese actor Najir Husen

balen shah on politics

Popular Actor Najir Husen after Engineer/Rapper Balen’s announcement to stand for Kathmandu Metro Mayor in upcoming Election says, “चिया पसल र कफि सपमा ओ ब्रो यार तिम्रो सोच! त क्या मेरो जस्तै रैछ यार, भन्दै सपना साटासाट गर्ने हामी बिचकै एकजना नव जवान युवा त्यै सोच बोकेर परिवर्तनको बाटो तिर लम्कदै छ। बाटोमा साथ दिने जिम्मा हामी युवाको।” ❤ #अब_पालो_युवाको

Er. Balen Shah as Rapper Career

Er. Balen Shah has also contributed to the Nepalese Hip-Hop community. Some of the super hit albums and videos are listed below.

Balen Shah Music Videos

Raw Barz Rap Battle

Balen/Aastik/New nepali Rap song

Balen/Aastik/New nepali Rap song

PrimeHD || र्‍यापर ( BALEN ) बालेन शाहको खुलासा : प्रेम, रोमान्स र सेक्समा मानिस किन लिप्त हुन्छ ?

Official Youtube Channel

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