BCA Quota in Pokhara University

BCA Quota in Pokhara University: BCA in Pokhara University is another program that comes under the Science and Technology faculty. It is also a popular program and choice of most of the students in Nepal.

BCA Quota in Pokhara University
BCA Quota in Pokhara University

Pokhara University has allocated the quota for the deserving students and those who compete and complete the requirements needed for the BCA quota in Pokhara University. The quota for the BCA program at Pokhara University are:

BCA Quota in Pokhara University

Table of Contents

S.N.Colleges/InstitutionColleges TypeLocationDistrictProgram Quota
1LA Grande International College,AffiliatedSimalchaur,KaskiBCA5
2Crimson College of Technology,AffiliatedPokhara DevinagarRupandehiBCA5
3Oxford College of Engineering and Management,AffiliatedGaidakot,NawalparasiBCA10
4National Academy of Science and Technology (Dhangadi Engineering College),AffiliatedDhangadi,KailaliBCA5
5Rapti Engineering College,AffiliatedSital Nagar,DangBCA5
6School of Environmental Science and Management,AffiliatedMid BaneshworKathmanduBCA5
7Nepal College of Information TechnologyAffiliatedBalkumariLalitpurBCA5
8Citizen CollegeAffiliatedSatdobatoLalitpurBCA5
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