Can we use calculator in IOE entrance?

The first rumor about using the calculator in the IOE entrance examination is that “IOE does not allow Participants to use a calculator in IOE entrance examination”. This is totally wrong message to the participants. Instead, IOE suggests participants use the basic scientific calculator as easily as they can. In fact,  the use of a non-programmable calculator is allowed in the exam. The most popular CASIO-FX 991ES is also non-programmable and thus it is allowed in the examination.

The most popular CASIO-FX 991W is also non-programmable and thus it is allowed in the examination. So, I recommend carrying a basic scientific calculator. But for easy calculation, you may carry the calculator with capability having limits, derivatives, and antiderivatives.

Calculator for ioe entrance exam Furthermore, you can also carry a CASIO FX-991EX CLASSWIZ Scientific Calculator. In case, if the checker in the gate allows you, it will be beneficial to you el may use CASIO FX-991ES. 

Incase, Sometimes we think like if the invigilator may not allow us calculators because they don’t know about these new calculators. That’s our big mistake 😂, as invigilator in IOE are not common person , they are IOE Pulchowkian’s. So they can easily recognize what kind of device you are carrying.There is no valid reason to be worrying.

According to IOE’s rules and regulations, non-programmable calculators are easily allowed. CASIO FX-991EX CLASSWIZ Scientific Calculator is also a non-programmable so it should be allowed and is not prohibited.

Ashok Nath

Ashok Nath is a content creator in and he is pursuing Bachelor's Degree In Computer Engineering From Nepal College Of Information Technology (NCIT) Pokhara University Nepal. He like to write tips and tutorials on different kinds of difficulties that people would face on thier way to success.

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