How can I crack the IOE Pulchowk entrance examination?

The IOE (Institute of Engineering) entrance exam in Nepal is widely considered to be one of the toughest engineering entrance exams in the country, similar to the JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) and JEE Main exams in India. Here’s an explanation of why the IOE entrance exam is regarded as challenging.

How can I crack the IOE Pulchowk entrance examination?

Crack IOE Pulchowk Entrance Examination:

These tips discuss the process of preparing for the Institute of Engineering (IOE) entrance exam and share some insights based on the personal experiences of students. Here’s a re-explanation of the main points: IOE Entrance Model Question Bank with Answers in PDF.

Importance of self-study:

Always understand that self-study is crucial for success. Most of the students don’t think attending an institute regularly is necessary because they themselves achieved success through self-study and got admitted to Pulchowk Engineering College in Nepal.

Mistake of not taking model tests:

During their preparation, students always make the mistake of not taking any model tests. They directly go to attend the IOE entrance exam. However, they emphasize that most of the questions in the IOE entrance exam are solvable.

Priority and time management:

There is the importance of priority management during the exam. Having a clear idea of which questions to solve first, as this boosts confidence. Time management is crucial in order to effectively utilize the available time.

Confidence is key:

Confidence is the most important factor in any exam. It encourages self-motivation and believes that having confidence can help solve even the most challenging problems.

Cracking the IOE exam:

Cracking the IOE entrance exam is not a difficult task. The exam is often overhyped and portrayed as more complicated than it actually is.
Basic formulas, sufficient self-study, and taking some model tests are considered sufficient for success.

Overcoming the mentality of difficulty:

Many students approaching exams like the IOE and St. Xavier’s college entrance exams often perceive the problems to be new and difficult.
However, based on their experience, most of the questions were from previous years’ exams. It is our mentality and perception of difficulty that makes the difference.

State of mind during the exam:

During the preparation for the IOE entrance exam, it is important not to burden oneself excessively. One’s state of mind during the exam is personally more important than knowledge. Having the right mindset and staying calm can greatly impact performance.


Overall, these tips aim to provide insights and advice for students preparing for the IOE entrance exam, emphasizing the importance of self-study, time management, confidence, and the right mindset.

It’s important to note that while the IOE entrance exam is challenging, with proper preparation, dedicated study, and a strong understanding of the concepts, students can succeed in cracking the exam and securing admission to esteemed engineering colleges in Nepal.

Ashok Nath
Ashok Nath
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  1. Good Job !! Keep uploading IOE Practice sets. It helps the students who can’t afford it by a lot.
    Thanks for the Wonderful content

  2. Good Job !! Keep uploading IOE Practice sets. It helps the students who can’t afford it by a lot.
    Thanks for the Wonderful content


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