Who is awarded a title of current Miss Nepal World of 2020/2077?

Namrata Shrestha is the “Miss Nepal World “ of 2020. She achieved the title overtaking 20 other contestants at the 25th edition of the Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal pageant held on Saturday, December 5. She was born on, born on 1997.

On the other hand, she is a teacher as well as a model by her profession. Further, she has a keen interest in social work too. Most importantly, she is born in Kathmandu, Nepal.

She was awarded NRS 2,50,000 cash as a reward and a scooter among others. In short, Anushka Shrestha crowned  Namrata Shrestha as “Miss Nepal 2020”. Also, Anushka Shrestha is a successor to “Miss Nepal 2019“.

Miss Nepal World of 2020

Similarly, on the same occasion Supriya Shrestha, Sandhya Sharma, and Simal Kanaujiya were crowned as “Miss Nepal Earth 2020″, “Miss Nepal International 2020″ and “Miss Nepal Supranational  2020

Likewise,they won the title for “Miss Nepal 2020″, “Miss  Nepal 2019”, “Miss  Nepal 2018”, on past years as beautiful by appearance as well as by heart and brain.

The List of Miss Nepal World of succeeding years of Nepal are:

Holder From Year Event Date Title of Award
Namrata Shrestha Kathmandu,Nepal  2020 5 December,2020 Miss Nepal 2020
Anushka Shrestha Kathmandu,Nepal 2019 9 May, 2019 Miss  Nepal 2019, Miss Nepal Oceania 2018
Shrinkhala Khatiwada Hetauda ,Nepal 2018 11 April, 2018
Miss Nepal 2018

As a result, Routine of Nepal Banda , Nepalese Social Media Facebook Page Congratulating Namrata Shrestha.

Namrata Shrestha  Miss Nepal World of 2020

Most importantly, Namrata Shrestha was asked by chief judge Meekha Mathema, “Imagine you are a beautiful pebble gently dropped in a calm pond. So, what kind of long-lasting ripple would you want to spread for the Nepali woman?”

To clarify, she calmly answered  “The first thing I want to say is that Nepali women are very strong and  I am inspired by my mom and the kind of positivity that she has, the mountains she has had to move to help us make an impact on society is commendable. Therefore, with positivity and kindness we [women] can win the world.”

Therefore, other winners who were in different titles are listed below.

Holder Year Event Date Title of Award
Sandhya Sharma  2020 5 December,2020 Miss Beauty With Purpose 2020, Miss Popular Choice
Shraddha Sharma 2020 5 December,2020 Miss Ruslan Woman of Substance 2020
Shubhangi Khatri 2020 5 December,2020
Goldstar Miss Fitness 2020
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